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DIY Easy Landscaping Ideas with Low Budget

I have got very good response on my previous post about DIY Drive way landscaping. Due to that good response today I am going to talk about DIY Easy Landscaping Ideas to do at home with small budget. I am going to talk about some creative and beautiful landscapes which could give totally new and stylish look to your front or backyard. You could also find paving landscapes, edging landscaping ideas etc with different themes and styles. So I will first show you some easy landscapes which could be done with concrete.

DIY Concrete Landscaping Ideas

No matter your front yard or backyard is small or large you could use concrete for making some super easy DIY landscapes. Concrete of different sizes, and colors could be use for making landscapes. Here I have added some pictures where landscapes of different styles are made with different types of pebbles. Make basic beds and design according to your choice and grow plants in the soil. At the end cover whole landscape with concrete. Cactus is best for these concrete landscapes.

Concrete landscaping ideas

DIY pebble landscaping ideas

DIY small frontyard landscaping

Easy Landscaping Ideas with Rocks

Rocks of different sizes could also be used for making DIY landscapes. Make boundary of the landscapes with large rocks. Making boundary with rocks is ok even if you want to make landscape for very small garden. Here are some pictures to help you out.

Easy landscapes for small yards

Easy landscaping with rocks

Inexpensive landscaping ideas

DIY Pond Landscaping Ideas

You could also make some cute and easy pond landscapes yourself. You could make pond landscapes with rocks, pebbles etc. Grow some plants and fill it with water. On rocks you could make fountain and you can also make water fall on the rocks. See the pictures given below for getting ideas about pond landscapes.

DIY pond landscaping ideas

Easy pond landscaping ideas

Pond landscaping ideas

DIY Walking Path Landscaping

Rocks, wood, colored pebbles etc are used in making these cute and easy DIY pathway landscapes. Polish the wood for more beautiful finish. If you are using stones then make butterflies, flowers etc by arranging rocks and painting them with different vibrant paints. Try out different styles and patterns by arranging rocks and pebbles in different way. Here are some pictures which can guide you to make walking paths with rocks, wood etc.

DIY Garden landscaping ideas

DIY Garden pathways

Easy landscaping ideas DIY

Well these were some DIY easy landscaping ideas for small yards. Keep visiting my blog for more creative DIY ideas to do at home. See you next time till then Good Bye.