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DIY Recycled Art Projects for Home Decor

Many people consider old things use less and throw them in dustbin or old store. In my today’s post I am going to share some useful and easy DIY recycled art projects for home decor. You could use your old things for making some cute and easy crafts for improving looks of your home without spending money. These recycled crafts will not only use up your old things but you will spend quite fun time in making these recycled art projects. So just visit your old store or check out your cabinets and gather up all the useless things for making something creative and beautiful. First of all I will give you some ideas for making recycled metal craft projects.

DIY Recycled Metal Craft Projects

Here are some ideas for making DIY crafts with old metal things or metallic sheets. In first two pictures you could see two bowls made of metal things. You could use keys or coins for making bowls out of recycled things. Blow a balloon and paste some keys or coins at the bottom of balloon in a shape of bowl. Remove balloon at the end your cute recycled metal bowls are ready.

Old coin craft projects DIY

Old keys recycled art projects

You could also use old metal tins for making cute metal flowers. Just cut petals out of metal sheets and arrange them in a shape of flower. Use these metal flowers for decorating your garden or place them in a vase or use them in decorating walls.

Metal wall decoration DIY

DIY recycled metal crafts