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Cool Bed Canopy Ideas For Modern Bedroom Decor

Beds play an important role  the looks and arrangement of bedroom. If you can’t manage to buy new bed for giving new look to your bedroom then you can try other options.  I am here with 16 modern and stylish bed canopy ideas to give your bedroom totally new look. If your beds have old canopies then you can also change curtains of canopy to add difference. Bed canopies not only look beautiful but they also provide warmth and privacy as well. Due to these advantages of bed canopies they will prove to be a good addition in your bedroom. I have added number of bed canopy pictures in my post. All the canopies are made with different styles. I have also added some simple DIY bed canopy pictures as well which you can make at home. Hope you will like them.

Glamorous bed canopy ideas

Simple DIY Bed Canopy Styles

First of all I will talk about simple bed canopy ideas. These canopies are simple and easy to make. You just need ropes, plastic rings, etc. for making these simple bed canopies.

DIy bed canopy

In above picture you can see that the above canopy is made with just two rods. Mount one rod above the bed and mount the other one along the wall. Now take sewed curtain and hang the curtain to make bed canopy as shown in the picture with the help of these rods.  Here I have added some pictures to make canopies just like above canopies by using rods or wires or canopy rings.

Cool bed canopy ideas

Simple diy bed canopy

Bed canopy rings

Cool Bed Canopy With Modern Drapes

You can give modern look to your bedroom by hanging modern drapes on your bed. Beds decorated with modern and stylish curtains with pelmets can give new look to your bedroom. Bed canopies with silky or thick fabric make your bed warm and comfortable.  See the pictures given below which are showing draped modern bed canopy.

Classic bed canopy styles

Modern bedroom canopy

Modern bed canopy

Frames Of Bed Canopy

You can also make bed canopy for your bed by buying canopy frames. In market different styles and types of bed canopy frames are available. You can choose bed canopy frame for you and hang curtains made of silk fabric, net fabric or chiffon fabric. Different types of bed canopy frames are available these days with classic vintage style, simple canopy frames, or wooden or metallic frames. I have added number of pictures below with different types of canopy frames.  You can try canopy frames with different types of curtains as shown in the pictures.  The first canopy frame has vintage style wooden poles which are giving classic look to bedroom.

Vintage style bed canopy ideas

modern bedroom canopy ideas

Frames of bed canopy

bed canopy ideas

Bed canopy frames

Beautiful bed canopy ideas


Crowned Bed Canopy Ideas

To give royal look to your bedroom you can buy bed canopy crowns for making canopy for your bedroom. You can see in the picture that you can mount canopy crown on the wall and then hang curtains on the crown of your bed with this metallic or plastic crown. These days’ wooden canopy crowns with beautiful paints are also available. Silk fabric is best for royal crowned canopy for bed. You can also use canopy curtains with fancy laces to make them look more beautiful and attractive.

Bed canopy crowns

Crowned bed canopy

This was all about bed canopy ideas for modern bedroom decor. Try these bed canopies on your bed and they will change look of your bedroom. Don’t forget to share your experience with us. See you soon with some more home decoration tips and ideas.