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DIY Room Decor Ideas to Decorate Inexpensively

Everybody wants to have modern and well decorated room.  People spend lot of money on decorating their rooms and homes but trend of decorating homes with DIY decorations and projects is increasing day by day. People prefer to decorate their rooms and homes with DIY projects because these projects not only save lot of money but do it yourself projects are considered very healthy and creative for adults and kids as well. I am also going to share some DIY Room Decor ideas and projects tutorials which you could use to decorate your room without spending money. You could make DIY decorations from leftovers or recycling as well.

DIY Canvas Wall Art Ideas for Rooms

Best idea for decorating room wall is to use canvas art frames. Canvas paintings not only look modern but they also make your room colorful and lively. Here I am going to share some DIY canvas ideas to decorate room walls without buying paintings from the market. You could also visit my previous posts on DIY Canvas painting tutorials for more ideas. If you don’t know how to paint then you could try making canvas wall art using cuttings of flowers, butterflies etc and arrange them on the canvas.

DIY canvas art projects

DIY canvas wall art ideas

DIY Room decor ideas 2016

DIY Room wall decor ideas

DIY Room Decor Ideas with Shelves

Here is great idea for decorating small rooms. If you are facing problem of less space and want to decorate as well then fix some shelves on the wall of the room. Now you could use these shelves for placing some decor items and these shelves could be used for storage purposes. Pictures for DIY wooden shelves are given below.  Decorate kids room by mounting skateboard on the room walls and place some small toys, photo frames etc on these skateboards to decorate room.

DIY Room decor ideas for kids room

DIY Room decor ideas for small spaces

DIY Wooden shelves for rooms

DIY Recycled Projects for Room Decor

Here are some ideas for decorating room with some useless things. Cut and use empty plastic bottle for making these cute hanging lights for the room. These hanging lights are best for decorating walls in the form of garland or make a bunch of these lights to hang them in the centre of room. Step by step tutorial for these yarn wrapped DIY lamps is given below.

DIY Room decor projects

Yarn could also be used for wrapping Styrofoam balls and these yarn wrapped balls. Place these yarn wrapped balls in a beautiful basket of glass jar to make a beautiful centerpiece for your corner table.

Cheap diy room decor ideas

Wrap empty tin cane in a piece of burlap and decorate it with handmade flowers or a piece of lace to decorate it. Beautiful DIY Pencil holder is ready for your study table.

DIY Crafts for room decor


Here are some more ideas for remaking old lamp shade and old vase. Paint your old vase and paste coins on the vase to give it a brand new look. Similarly you can give new look to your simple old lampshade by using stencil. Here is step by step tutorial for making DIY lampshade which can bring a refreshing change in your room without spending money.


DIY Tutorials for room decor





DIY room decorations and remakes

Well these were all DIY room decor ideas and tutorials for today. Soon I will share some more ideas for decorating your home in an artful way which will also save your bucks.

Modern Black And White Bedroom Ideas

Today in this post we have decided to give some ideas to all those readers who wish to change the entire look of their bedroom including color scheme, furniture, curtains etc. If color scheme of bedroom is not changed for long it seems boring. Therefore to make your bedroom look stylish and beautiful we have come up with black and white bedroom ideas. Black color is sign of grace, style and mystery while white color is sign of brightness, purity and comfort. Our black and white bedroom ideas will help you to decor your room in modern style. Here are some important and useful black and white bedroom decor ideas.

There are two main ways to decorate the room in black and white either you can paint the room white and rest of decor in black or you can paint your bed room black and rest of the room decor items white. If your bedroom space is small than paint your room with white color, it will make your room look spacey and if your bedroom space is large than you can paint the room with black color but make sure that your room is adequately lit up. But all the four walls of room painted in black color will make your room darker so we have some suggestions regarding black and white room paint.

  • Use black and white wall paper on main wall of room and paint rest of the room in black color or white color according to your choice.
  • Paint main wall in white color and rest of three in black color.
  • Paint main wall in black color and rest of three in white color.
  • These days texture graphic wall art is also popular you can select that as well.
  • Paint your room in any color like blue, pink, purple etc. and use furniture in black color and rest of the things like bed sheets in white.

See the picture below you can see bedroom space is medium so one wall of the room is painted black and rest white.

Bed room ideas with black and white

Try out some fancy black color curtains to decor your bedroom in black and white. It will give a new look to your room. You can also spread white rug in the middle of the room to compliment black curtains.

Black and white bed room ideas

Easy Black and white bedroom ideas

If your bedroom color scheme is neither white nor black even than you can give your bedroom black and white look. Reduce number of furniture items in room; only keep those items which are of black color. Arrange all such items closely. Hang white curtains and place white rug in room. You will be amazed to see change in your bedroom.

Bed room decoration ideas

Here are most simple black and white bedroom ideas. If your bedroom is white you can simply change the bed sheet, pillows of your bed to give a black and white look. Paint your table and chair black and place them in your bedroom. Black and white bedroom is ready.

Stylish bedroom in black and white

Bed room ideas 2014

Table lamps are important part of our bedroom decor. While decorating your bedroom in black and white do remember to change the shades of your lamp black or white as per overall scheme of the room.

modern black and white bed room design

Try to keep your room as simple as possible. The lesser the number of things in your room the more color of the room will remain in your hand.

Black and white bed room ideas DIY

Modern black and white bed room ideas

In addition to black and white bedroom setting you can also give touch of third color in setting scheme of your bed room, but remember third color must not be light rather it should be some vibrant color like purple or red etc. etc., and moreover that third color must not be dominant.

Bed room decor with black furniture

That’s all we have for you regarding black and white bedroom ideas and tips. We hope you will find our ideas useful while decorating your room. We are open for any questions and explanations regarding black and white bedroom ideas and decorations. See you soon again.