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DIY Gift Ideas for Dad to Make at Home

Father’s day is around the corner. Most of the people are planning for buying a father’s day present these days. To help you out I come up today with some easy DIY gift ideas for dad to surprise your father this year. These DIY ideas will not only save your money but these handmade gifts will tell your father that how much you love him. All these gift ideas are not only easy to make but they are very unique and creative. First of all I will share some ideas for making DIY frames which will always remind your dad that how much you love him.

DIY Frames for Father’s Day

No matter you is kid or a teenager. I have number of ideas for making different types of hangings and frames for your dad. Express your love in words by framing some printed quotations or you could write or paint the quotations in your own style. Some templates and model frames are shown in the pictures I have added below which will help you in making your own DIY frame for your dad to surprise him this year.

Cheap handmade gifts for father's day

Creative gift ideas for dad

Father's day gifts for kids

Handmade gift ideas for dad

DIY Key Chain Ideas

Here are some ideas and tutorials for making DIY key chains. As long as your father keeps key chain made by you he could feel your love. In first picture I have shown DIY stamped key chain. In second picture you could see step by step tutorial for making DIY key chain from golf ball. You could use old golf ball for making this stylish golf ball key chain. If your father love to play golf then I am sure this I is the best gift idea for him on this father’s day.

DIY gift ideas for father DIY gifts for dad 2016

Up cycled Mobile Phone Holders

Here I have two step by step tutorials for making DIY mobile phone holders. In first picture DIY mobile phone holder is shown which is made from empty bottle of body lotion. You just need to cut it and wrap it in a beautiful cover. This mobile phone holder is best for charging the phone.

Upcycled gift ideas for dad


Image Credit: www.makeit-loveit.com

You could also make this creative DIY mobile phone holder from used cassette cover. You will just need washi tape and cassette player cover for this handmade gift. Just follow the steps and table top mobile phone holder for your dad is ready.

Modern gift ideas for dad

Here are some more unique and creative DIY gift ideas for dad. You could make beautiful Handmade Book mark for your dad if your dad loves reading. Paste a small picture on that bookmark or you could paste picture of any other family member as well.

Latest gift ideas for dad

Make a stationary box for your dad from old can. Wrap the old can with fabric to give it shape of suit and tie.

DIY gift ideas for dad 2016


Image Credit: www.clubchicacircle.com

Your dad will also love to get well packed and well organized car wash kit. You could also make Lego cuff links for your dad as well here is the picture to of Lego cuff link.

Gift ideas for dad

Unique father's day gift ideas


Image Credit: www.buzzfeed.com

Let your father know how much you love your father by this personalized cushion with definition of father.  You could add anything you want to say to your father.

Fun gift ideas for father's day

These were all easy and unique gift ideas for dad to surprise him this father’s day. You could also check my old posts on DIY Father’s day gifts ideas and Father’s day card ideas as well.


DIY Fathers Day Gift Ideas 2015

I have got very good response on my post about DIY mothers day gifts. As fathers day is also coming so I have decided to share some DIY Fathers day gift ideas to bring smile on your father’s face. Some handmade fathers day gifts are so easy to make that even small kids could make these inexpensive and easy father’s day gifts. So choose the best and favorite gift item of your father and craft something special for your daddy.

DIY Trophy Gifts for Father’s Day

Thank your father for all his sacrifices and love with these cute handmade crafts. Make DIY trophies with your own hands to make your father feel special. For making the trophy shown in first picture cut trophy shape out of card board. Now decorate the trophy with different types of pasta. Use modge podge for pasting pasta. At the end spray gold acrylic spray to give cute magnificent look and finishing. If you are a little kid and want to craft a cute trophy for your dad then make second trophy out of disposable cups.

Unique fathers day gift ideas


Handmade fathers day gift ideas

DIY Mug Gifts for Dad

If your dad is coffee or tea lover then this gift idea is the best. Just buy some plain mugs and show your love for your father by writing or drawing on the mug with permanent marker. You could make mustaches mug or something different according to your own choice. Here are some pictures to help you.

Inexpensive fathers day gift ideas

Easy fathers day gift ideas

DIY Framed Gifts for Daddy

Just craft some cute farmed gifts for your father. In first picture framed wall hanging is shown with some handprints. Just help your kids for making these cute wall hangings for their dad which will always remind him about his kid’s love. In second picture I have shown a photo frame decorated with metallic coins. You could fix a memorable picture of your father and you in that frame.

DIY fathers day gifts 2015

Homemade fathers day gift ideas

DIY Laptop Case

Surprise your daddy this fathers day with handmade laptop envelope. You can use an old leather jacket for making this laptop envelope. Hope he would find this gift very valuable.

DIY laptop case for fathers day

Unique DIY Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Here I have added some more DIY gifts for fathers days. Try out making cute tool basket for your father. You could also make gardening basket for your dad. Paper plate craft with paper tool pasted on it another unique idea for surprising dad. You could paste hammer, saw, screwdriver etc on the paper plate. Here are the pictures.

DIY Fathers day gift ideas

Kids fathers day gift ideas

DIY Holders for Dad

If you want to make some inexpensive gifts then the best idea is to make these handmade holders for placing pen. Just join some Popsicle sticks for making a pencil holder for your dad. By using PVC pipes or wood wrist watch holders and key holders could also be made. Here are pictures of DIY Wrist watch holder and DIY keys organizer.

Handmade fathers day gift ideas

DIY watch holders for fathers day

DIY key holder for fathers day

DIY Fathers Day Gift Ideas for Kids

I have shared various DIY gifts ideas which kids could make. Here is another colorful and cute gift for fathers day which kids could make. Make Origami shirt garland for your kids. Use colorful papers and prints for making shirts. Your father will love to hang these garlands on the door or wall.

Fathers day gifts for kids

Well these were some inexpensive and unique DIY fathers day gift ideas. Soon I will share DIY ideas for making fathers day cards as well. Keep visiting my site for updates on latest DIY projects and ideas.