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DIY Painting Glass Jars And Bottles Tutorials

We have shared many DIY projects in our previous posts. We have shared DIY crafts for kids, DIY canvas paintings, DIY glass paintings etc. Today we are here with new DIY projects. We are going to talk about DIY painting glass jars and bottles. We have selected different types of painting ideas which you can use to paint glass jars and bottles. These projects are easy to follow and you can use old glass jars and glass bottles to create new pieces of art.  You can use different types of paints for painting glass jars and bottles. We have shared DIY glass painting ideas with glass paint, acrylic paint and lacquer spray paint. So let’s move towards our DIY painting glass jars tutorials.

Simple Glass Jar Painting Ideas

Let’s start with some easy and simple DIY painting glass jars ideas. If you have used bottles and jars at home then get ready for making DIY jar and bottle crafts. First of all take your bottles and clean them properly with detergent and hot water. Remove all the dust and stains properly. Next step depends upon the availability of paints. You can use glass paints, acrylic paints or lacquer spray paints as well. If you are using glass paints or any other paints use brush to paint your glass jar properly. If you have lacquer paint then paint bottles and jars with spray. You can try two or more coats for good and neat finishing. Here are some pictures of bottles and glass jars painted with different types of paints. We suggest golden, silver, baby pink and sky blue paints. You can also make such DIY glass jars crafts to make vases and decoration pieces. So have a look at these DIY crafts and get ready to make your own crafts.

Easy DIY painting bottles

Golden DIy crafts ideas

DIY glass spray paint idea

DIY jar crafts ideas

DIY painting jar crafts

DIY painting glass bottles

Striped DIY Jar Crafts

Now it’s time for relatively sophisticated DIY painting glass jars project. All you need for this craft is jar or bottle, golden lacquer spray paint and tape. Take a properly cleaned bottle or jar. Now twist and stick tape on the jar in any type of pattern. You can try different types of twisting patterns. In the picture displayed we have used three pieces of tape and stick them along the diameter of jar. After sticking tape use lacquer spray to cover whole jar. When your jar got dried then removes tape of the jar. After removal of tape you will see a beautiful two colored jar with strips. You can try new twisting patterns and colors as well. Hope you will enjoy making these awesome jars.

DIY vase with golden strips

Colorful Painted Bottle Crafts

Our next craft is made of bottles. You can use different types of colors to make colorful bottle crafts. First of all paint your whole bottle with single color like yellow, red, blue, white etc. and dry it up. Now make different types of flowers, birds and butterflies on the bottle. Use black paint for making outline. Now fill the patterns with contrasting colors and your colorful bottle craft is ready. You can see the picture given below to get ideas.

DIY painting glass jar ideas

You can also make easy colorful jars by making different colorful shapes on the jars and bottles. You can try to make colorful strips, triangles, squares, and circles of different colors on bottles and jars. Here is the picture to help you out.

Stylish DIY painting glass jars ideas

DIY Painting Jars  Using Glass Paints

You can use glass paints as well to make your DIY painting glass jars and bottle crafts. Here is the tutorial.

Things required: Glass paints, white paper, glass paints, lead pencil, paint brushes, tape and glass jar.

First of all clean your jar and make any drawing on white paper with the help of lead pencil. Now stick your drawing inside the jar with the help of tape. Take outliner of glass paint and trace whole drawing on the jar. After drying of outline your sketch is ready. Use brush and add colors to your drawing by filling your drawing. You can try different types of drawings like flowers, animals, birds, fruits, vegetables etc.

DIY painting glass jar tutorials

So this was all about DIY painting glass jars and bottles. Hope you will like these superb and easy DIY crafts. Don’t forget to comment. See you next time with some artistic stuff. Take Care!