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Creative DIY Garden Ideas for Decorating Inexpensively

Sometimes small changes, decorating ideas and crafts bring great changes in your home. Today I am also going to share some great creative DIY garden ideas for improving your garden inexpensively. I will tell you today about some DIY garden decorating crafts like planters, garden baskets, garden seats, etc which you could make at home with inexpensive things and use these things for giving new look to your front or back yard. So let’s see how you could make your garden beautiful with some inexpensive or creative DIY garden ideas.

DIY Garden Planters Ideas

Garden is the name of beauty and greenery all over. Here are some creative ideas for making garden planters in artistic and unique ways. In first picture you could find some unique ideas for making recycled planters and way of arranging these planters is also given below. Just grow some plants in useless old bowls, kettles, cups etc. Now use ladder and wooden logs for placing these recycled planters. In second picture I have also added pictures of wooden planters.

Recycled DIY Garden ideas

Cheap DIY garden ideas

DIY Cactus Garden Ideas

Cactus gardens are used these days for decorating gardens with modern look. Here I have added some pictures of cute cactus gardens. In first picture you could see cactus garden made in glass bowl. Just make layers of pebbles and soil in the pot and grow some small cactus plants in that glass bowl.

DIY Cactus garden ideas

If you want to make cactus garden with rustic looks then use some rustic twigs for making cactus planters and plant some cute cactus plants in that rustic planter made of wooden twigs.

Rustic DIY garden ideas

DIY Garden Basket Ideas

Hanging garden basket and floor garden baskets also gives very elegant look to your garden. Here I have added some pictures where ideas for making handmade hanging baskets are shown. Just buy baskets or make them at home for growing some cute plants in them.

DIY Garden planters ideas

DIY Garden basket Ideas 2015

DIY Garden Seat Ideas

Here are some cute DIY ideas for making garden seats. Use some wooden pallets for making swing seats for your garden. Hang these wooden pallet swings in your garden with some pillows and cushions to relax and enjoy. If you don’t have or like wooden pallets then use some square cloth or anything else for making hanging swing. Here are the pictures for your help.

DIY garden ideas 2015

DIY Garden seating ideas

DIY Garden seat ideas

DIY Garden Gazing Balls Ideas

Here are some ideas for making handmade garden balls. Use bowling balls for making these decorating crafts for your garden. Paste marble beads or anything else on the bowling ball and place it anywhere in the garden to decorate it. You could also paint garden ball in yellow and black stripe and fix some wings for making cute bumble bee for your garden. Here is the picture for you.

DIY garden gazing ball ideas

Easy DIY garden ideas


Creative Colorful DIY Garden Ideas

Using some vibrant paints you could also make some beautiful and cheap garden crafts. Paint rocks in different vibrant shades and make innocent colorful caterpillar from these rocks. Similarly car wheel covers could also be used for making decorative colorful flowers for your garden. I have added pictures of both colorful crafts for giving new look to your garden.

Creative DIY Garden ideas

Creative DIY Garden ideas 2015

Bottle Crafts for Garden

Here are some cute bottle crafts for your garden. Recycle vine bottles for making cute peacock for your garden or make cute plastic bottle lanterns for glowing up your garden at night. Just take a plastic bottle and place water and glowing sticks in these bottles for lighting up your lawn with glowing colors. Here are pictures for making recycled DIY bottle crafts.

Recycled garden craft ideas

DIY outdoor ideas 2015

This was all about creative DIY garden ideas 2015. Don’t forget to share your valuable views on these DIY Garden décor ideas. See you next time with more DIY ideas.