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Creative Valentine Card Ideas DIY

Valentine 2017 is just around the corner and DIY home decor guide is here yet again with another creative and fun post regarding DIY Valentine Card Ideas 2017 so that you can enjoy making valentine cards for your loved ones. Valentine day is a very special day that is celebrated to tell your loved ones that you care for them be it your father, brother, sister, mother or partner to be. Valentine cards are the first impression on the receiver and DIY valentine cards make a very strong and special impression that’s for sure. Well enough said let me share with you some amazing DIY valentine day card ideas

DIY Valentine Card Tutorials

Tutorials are the best pictorial way to explain something. Keeping this in my mind I have collected two very beautiful DIY valentine day card ideas.  Here are few steps that will help you make these DIY cards

  1. Take a sheet of card paper of any color (my preference is white)
  2. Place a colored bordered paper and paste it on the card paper
  3. With the help of a pencil draw the heart shape on colored paper
  4. Cut the heart shape with scissor
  5. Stitch the heart with sewing machine on card
  6. Make design of your desire

Ta daaa… DIY valentine card is ready. See the picture below for visual help.

Valentine card ideas step by step instructions

You can also make heart of a simple paper and then make fancy border of that heart with the help of a brush or with the back of a pencil. See picture below for details.

Handmade valentine card tutorials

Valentine Card Ideas for Kids DIY

Valentine is also an excited day for kids. Kids love to do DIY projects and then share it with their friends and family. Kids can make valentine cards for their mother or sisters or friends. We have selected very exciting DIY card ideas for valentine for kids. For kids we have to incorporate the kids element also in cards. Here are few great ideas for kids to make DIY cards.

Valentines day card ideas for kids

Kids love to make drawings and by using these drawings you can help your kids to make beautiful valentine cards as shown in the picture above.

You can also make DIY valentine card by Cutting a butterfly from  a printed sheet and then cut it and paste it on a plain card.

Fun valentine cards for kids

Check out this beautiful picture to see different creative ideas for kids that kids can paste on cards.

Valentine cards for kids

Help your kids in cutting out heart made of fabrics or printed sheet. Paste these fabric hearts on the cards and enjoy making pretty cards.

DIY kids valentine cards

Heart Card Ideas for Valentine

Everyone knows that heart is the main theme object for a valentine event. So we have made a special category for heart card ideas this valentine. Check out these easy homemade DIY cards to select a DIY project of your choice. You can use a wide range of design ideas for a heart theme card. You can use drawings, ribbons, card cuttings to make awesome valentine cards. Here are some cool pictures to get you going on this project.

Creative DIY valentine cards

DIY Valentine card ideas

Easy valentine card ideas for adults

Handmade cards for valentine

Last Minute Valentine Card Ideas

Well has it happen with you that you forgot all about valentine and you remembered it just the last minute? Yes this has happened with me and I am sure with all working readers of my blog. So for you guys this last category is dedicated to you. These last minute DIY valentine card ideas will save your face and will let you cherish your loved ones with great love and care. Pictures are shared below for you.

Easy last minute cards for valentine

Heart Valentines card Ideas DIY

Last minute DIY valentine card ideas

Recycled Valentine Card ideas

I hope you have enjoyed our post for Valentine day card ideas DIY. Be sure to try a DIY project and share with us your experience till then take care and enjoy love all around.