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Easy DIY Canvas Art Ideas For Beginners

Are you bored of plain, single colored walls? If yes then i have some easy DIY canvas art ideas for you. I have some creative ideas which can bring new life to boring walls of your home. I have already shared some canvas painting ideas in my previous post and got very good feedback thats why i have decided to share some more canvas art designs with you.

Preparations Before Canvas Paintings

Before making canvas paintings at home i have some useful tips and tricks which will help you in choosing right things for making canvas art. There are different methods and materials used in making canvas art for example canvas art with fabric, canvas art with paper etc. Similarly different types of paints are also used in making canvas paintings. You will find encaustic,acrylic paints, oil paints and tempera in market. Encaustic and tempera are difficult to handle. Always choose those paints which remain stretchable and flexible for long time after drying up. So acrylic and oil paints come in these category they will go best with material of canvas and beginners can easily handle them. Use of acrylic is more common because they are easy to use and they dry up quickly as compare to oil paints. Keep water jar, color palette, brushes of different sizes and small towels for cleaning paint. Use hot water for cleaning color palette after finishing your work. So these were some tips for starting canvas paintings.

Abstract DIY Canvas Art Ideas 

Try to make abstract canvas paintings for your room walls to give them modern look. I have various easy patterns for you. These patterns are easy to make and they do not require any professional painting skills. So see the first picture in which painters tape is used to create beautiful geometrical shaped pattern on the canvas. You can try out this painting by changing shape and try out colors other then green.

DIY canvas art ideas with tape

You can create this colorful pinwheel canvas art project with leftover paints. It will make your light colored wall look marvelous if it has light colored paint on it. Try new color schemes and combinations as well.

DIY acrylic canvas art ideas

Try out this tree abstract canvas painting. Paint the tree trunk with brown paint and make tree canopy with round cotton pad dipped lightly in red paint. Your beautiful abstract canvas art painting is ready.

abstract canvas art ideas

The canvas painting displayed below can be made with colorful duct tape. This colorful painting is easy to make and you will be able to make it in no time. The second painting can also be made with duct tape by sticking it on the canvas.

DIY canvas paintings for beginners

Easy canvas art ideas

Easy To Make Canvas Art Ideas

Here are some more DIY canvas art ideas which can be easily tried at home. Here are some easy tree, butterflies and flower canvas paintings which you can make even if you are a beginner. sketching of these paintings is quite easy.


Canvas art ideas

Canvas painting ideas DIY

Modern DIY Canvas Art Ideas
Here are some modern canvas painting ideas which you can make easily at home . These paintings will give modern look to your rooms. Make these paintings for your bedroom to give your walls cool look.

DIY canvas painting tutorials

DIY canvas art tutorials

This was all about easy DIY canvas art ideas for beginners. Hope you will try out these paintings at home to give fresh look to your walls in no time. See you next time with some new diy project ideas for home decoration and better living.

DIY Halloween Face Painting Ideas For Kids 2014

Today I will give you few beautiful Halloween face painting ideas for kids 2014. Halloween is just couple of months away. Make your Halloween memorable this time by properly preparing for Halloween. We are going to post a series of posts for Halloween preparation so keep following us and keep reading our posts. Kids are most excited about special occasions so I have decided to post Halloween face painting tutorials for kids first up. Let us see some easy and fun Halloween face painting ideas for kids.

Halloween Wonder Women Face Paintings Ideas

Make your sweet heart wonder women this easy Halloween  face painting idea for kids. All you need is to have yellow, sky blue red and black face paint. Make wonder women forehead crown with yellow and black outline. In center make a big red star. You can use artificial necklace or you can make necklace with paint also. After neck and forehead now it is time for little eye makeup with sky blue face paint. Here you go wonder women is ready to surprise everyone at this Halloween.

DIY Halloween face paintings

DIY Halloween Pirate Face painting

If you are a fan of Hollywood movies fan than you must know about the famous Captain Jack Sparrow of pirates of Caribbean. What if captain visits your home this Halloween? All you need is to have red, white and black face paint. Step by step make forehead scarf, mustaches and beard of captain jack sparrow. Halloween face painting is complete.

Halloween face painting ideas for kids

DIY Halloween Cat Face Paintings

If you are pet lover than try out Halloween cat face painting and paint your sweetie’s face just like a beautiful cat. Take red, white and black color and in 5 minutes you will be able to paint face of your daughter.

kids halloween face paintings

DIY face paintings for kids

Halloween Scary Face Painting Ideas For Kids

Well Halloween costumes must be surprising for everyone and what could be best than making up your face like a horrible skeleton. Closely watch the pic above. You need to paint the face with white paint and then use black color the make up the eyes, nose and lips.

Halloween face painting ideas 2014

Halloween Monster faces paintings

Continuing the scary face painting ideas at this Halloween, you can also make up monster with the help of face paint. You can use orange color as a basic color or you can also choose violet or blue color. Combine it with black color to complete face painting.

Scary Face paintings for kids step by step

Halloween Witch Style Face Painting Idea

This Halloween try the witch get up for your daughter. It is very easy to copy the get up of a witch with the help of face painting. First of all paint the cheeks. Draw a spider web with black paint. Before making the black web make base of pink color paint. Make over the eyes. Finalize the get up use pointy hat to cover head.

Halloween face paintings tutorials

Halloween Lady Bug face Painting Ideas

Well if you want to do something different on this Halloween than try out cute lady bug face painting ideas. Paint face of your kid just like a lady bug with any vibrant color you may like. You can also try butterfly face painting idea as shown in the picture below. Remember to back your make up and face painting with suitable costume.

Kids face paintings for halloween

Face painting ideas 2014

I hope you will try one of my posted Halloween face painting ideas for kids on the occasion of Halloween. Keep visiting for more Halloween posts. See you next time take care!