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Easy DIY Projects for Home with Inexpensive Things

DIY projects for home decoration and improvement are one of my all time favorite blogging topic. Homes have been decorated since ancient times. Different materials, methods and ways are being used to decorate the homes. There can be many improvement and decoration projects for home because of the depth of the choice of the materials and methods so there can be many articles on this topic. However I will present you only those DIY house decorating ideas that are not only easy to do but good looking and inexpensive also. Whenever I write on such generic topics I also try to find out DIY designs for homes in which such materials and methods are used that are easily available and easy to replicate at home. Well enough said let us see what type of DIY projects for home I have sorted out for you today.

Creative DIY Crafts and Decorations from Bottles

Is there any house on this planet where you do not find an empty bottle? From sodas, juices and beers to simple water every drink is packed in fancy bottles. Now collect these empty bottles and it is time to use these. There are two ways to make decor items with empty bottles either you paint them if your drawing is good or you could use tapes and paper cuttings to make designs on them using spray or paint brushes. Here are few self explanatory step by step tutorials for used bottle crafts that will highlight these two ideas I am talking about.

DIY Decorating projects for home

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DIY Creative crafts and decorations

DIY Bottle crafts ideas


Basement Decorating Ideas with Modern and Rustic Themes

Most of the people construct their homes with proper basements but they leave them unorganized and use basements for storing things. By decorating and setting up your basements you could add some more space to your home and add something new and useful to your home. Here today you will find some valuable and creative Basement Decorating Ideas and basement organizing ideas with different themes to remodel your basement.

No matter your basement is small or spacey proper organization and theme could make it most favorite part of your home. Before decorating your basement you have to decide some important things. Always keep in mind your whole house and decide how you could use your space of basement in better way. Either you are lacking bar in your house or your kids want a play room? By converting your basement into home theatre your whole family will love to spend free time in this part of house. If you have very small home then you can add small open kitchen with some comfortable sofas and make your basement good place to rest and eat.

After deciding what you want to make now decide how you want to decorate. Theme is important either you want to give modern touch to your basement or you love rustic theme. Well here I have shared some pictures where basements decorated with different themes are shown.

Modern Basement Decorating Ideas

Here are some contemporary basements decorated to make living rooms, home theatre, mini bar etc. You could get ideas for selecting theme and color of the basement for decorating it in modern style. Similarly sofas, furniture, canvas art and all other things matter a lot in giving modern look to your home and basements. So pick up some ideas and remodel your basement in modern style.

Contemporary basement decorating ideas

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Easy basement decorating Ideas

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Modern Basement decorating Ideas

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DIY Basement Decorating Ideas

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Latest basement remodeling ideas 2016

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Rustic Basement Decoration Ideas

If you like classic themes then you could pick up some ideas from these basements which are decorated with rustic theme. Use DIY Pallet Furniture instead of modern sofas which will not only give rustic look to your basement but it will also save lot of money. Use wooden accessories and décor items for rustic look. Brown theme and wall paints are best. Buy sofa cushion covers made from burlap for giving rustic look to sofas.

Rustic basement design ideas

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Vintage basement decorating ideas

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Large rustic basement decoration

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Rustic basement decorating Ideas

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DIY Rustic Basement design and decoration

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Small Basement Decorating Ideas

Here are some pictures which will guide you that how you could use small space of your basement in efficient ways. These pictures of well decorated small basement could help you a lot in adding more useful space to your small homes.

Basement home theatre decorating ideas

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Basement bar decorating ideas


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Small basement decorating and designing

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Simple basement decorating ideas

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Basement Playroom Decorating Ideas

Give surprise to your small angels by transforming your basement into playroom. Just Buy floor carpet, place some colorful cushions on them for making base. Now decorate walls by colorful kids wall papers or wall paintings of their favorite cartoon character. Place toys and toy racks and you could place some small slides for them if you have spacey basements. You could do a lot of things and experiments if you are going to make your basement play area. Just have a look at these pictures to get more ideas.

Basement playroom decorating ideas


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Basement playroom design ideas

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