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Inexpensive DIY Christmas Ornaments to make at Home

Everybody is busy in Christmas preparations to have well decorated home, outdoor, Dining table etc. If you are kind of DIY person then you will love my today’s post. I am going to share some easy and inexpensive way to make DIY Christmas Ornaments at home. So no need of buying those expensive Christmas ornaments, just make something creative, different and stylish with your own hands without spending too much. I am going to talk about different typed of ornaments made from different materials, and things which others consider useless. You will love to spend some time in making these homemade ornaments these holidays.

DIY Paper Christmas Ornaments

Here are some step by step tutorials to guide you for making Christmas ornaments from paper. More important things in making of these paper ornaments is the type of paper, color selection, drawing and cuttings. With neat cuttings and drawings your ornaments will look more professional. To give cuter look to your paper ornaments add some shimmers or colors to make them cuter. Glitter sheet could also be used instead of paper if you want something sparkling.

Christmas paper ornaments tutorials

DIY Christmas ornaments tutorials 2015

Easy DIY Christmas ornaments 2015

Homemade DIY Christmas ornaments ideas


Cool DIY Christmas Wreaths Ideas 2016

Christmas decorations are incomplete without iconic Christmas wreaths. You can easily make DIY Christmas wreaths at home to make up your doors and walls ready to welcome Christmas season. Save money by making easy DIY holiday wreaths this year with our handmade Christmas wreaths ideas. Different things can be used in making Christmas wreaths. I have also added different holiday wreaths ideas in my post. You can make easy and cute holiday wreaths out of yarn, felt, paper and edibles as well. First of all I will talk about Yarn Christmas wreaths.

DIY Yarn Christmas Wreaths

Yarn gives feelings of warmth and that’s why yarn is considered best for making Christmas wreaths.  All you need for making DIY yarn Christmas wreaths is foam base for making yarn. Wrap yarn around the wreath foam base and decorate your holiday yarn wreath with flowers or other decorations. Here are some ideas for DIY yarn wreaths 2016.  In first picture white yarn is used for making DIY wreath. Decorative bulbs made with felt are pasted with black string of yarn. You can also use yarn balls for making Christmas wreaths just like the wreath shown in the second picture. Red and white yarn balls are best for making iconic holiday wreath with yarn.

DIY felt Christmas wreaths

Cute Christmas wreaths

DIY Felt Christmas Wreaths Ideas

Christmas wreaths decorated with felt flowers look awesome. Wrap the base of wreath with yarn, felt or ribbons. After making base make felt flowers shown in the pictures shown below. Make roses, leaves and different types of flowers for decorating wreath. Roses can be made by coiling strip of felt. You can also add beads for making your wreath more pretty.

DIY Christmas wreaths

DIY Christmas wreaths 2014

DIY Yarn Christmas wreaths

Handmade Ornament Christmas Wreaths DIY

Christmas decorations are almost impossible without Christmas ornaments. Christmas ornaments are used for decorating Christmas trees and wreaths as well. Use Christmas baubles to decorate wreath base. I have added pictures of handmade ornament wreaths.

Handmade ornaments wreaths

DIY holiday Wreaths 2014

Edible DIY Christmas Wreaths

Try out edible DIY holiday wreaths to decorate your doors and walls. DIY edible wreaths can also be used as Christmas gifts. Christmas wreaths can be made with marshmallow, candies, jellies, cookies etc. Use star shaped cookies for decorating Christmas wreaths. You can also see my post on DIY Christmas cookies decoration as well. Here are some pictures of DIY edible Christmas wreaths to help you.

Handmade Christmas wreaths

Edible Christmas wreaths DIY

Wreaths from edible things

DIY Unique And Modern Wreaths For Holidays

Here some more ideas for making modern  DIY  Christmas wreaths out of different things. For making first Christmas wreath you need small boxes of different sizes. Wrap these boxes with wrapping paper and tie ribbons on each box. Now paste these boxes on wreath base to complete your Christmas wreath.

DIY Modern Christmas wreaths

You can make simple homemade Christmas wreaths by wrapping ribbons on different colors on wreath base. Make unique and vibrant holiday wreath with cocktail umbrellas. This colorful cocktail umbrellas wreath will fascinate everybody. Make cones with aluminum foils and use these shiny foil cones to make handmade Christmas wreath. Add some ornaments or beads in red color to make your wreath more attractive. Kids can also help you in making this Christmas wreath.

DIY ribbon Christmas wreaths

Easy DIY Christmas wreaths

Modern Holiday wreaths 2014


These were some easy DIY Christmas wreaths 2014. Hope you will like these modern and easy handmade holiday wreaths ideas. Check my posts on outdoor Christmas decorations and Christmas decorations DIY for more wreath ideas.  See you soon with some more Christmas decorations and party ideas.