Sunflower Kitchen Decor Ideas For Modern Homes

Trend of themed interior home decoration is increasing day by day. If you want to decorate your home in contemporary style then you can also choose any theme according to your taste and go for making your home look modern. I come up today with modern sunflower kitchen decor ideas. This floral theme is best for spring summer home decoration. You can try sunflower decoration not only in kitchens but try it in your living room and other parts of your home. Kitchen is considered most important part of home because these days large country kitchens are used for both cooking and dining.  So kitchen decoration is very important because family spend most of  time there especially females. So i will tell you today some nice tips to add beautiful sunflowers in your kitchen.

Sunflower kitchen decoration guide


Buy Crockery With Sunflower Patterns

Crockery is undoubtedly most important part of any kitchen. You cannot serve food without crockery and nice beautiful crockery enhances the looks of your food. So always choose fine-looking crockery for your kitchen. If you are going to decorate your kitchen with sunflower theme then try some nice tea sets and dinner sets with floral patterns. You can buy matt or glossy ceramic dishes or bowls for your home. If you want to save money you can also paint your old glass with yellow and brown paint to make sunflowers on them to give them new look. You can also do glass painting on glass, jugs or jars. Paint your old wine glasses with glass paint and you can use them for serving as well as decoration.

Modern sunflower kitchen ideas



Sunflower crockery for kitchen


Kitchen decor with sunflower theme


Use Sunflower Mats Or Kitchen Clothes

You can also use sunflowers shaped table mats in your kitchen. You can also use kitchen cloth with printed sunflowers or printed table mats with sunflowers. They will make your kitchen looking more beautiful and modern.

sunflower kitchen decor ideas

Sunflower kitchen decoration

Use Fresh Or Artificial Flowers For Kitchen Decor

You can also decorate your kitchen with fresh sunflowers or artificial sunflowers to give your kitchen fresh look. Place vase on table or shelf and set fresh or plastic sunflowers there these sunflowers will give fresh look to your kitchen. I have added some pictures below to guide you about sunflower kitchen decor.

Sunflower themed kitchen decor

Sunflower kitchen ideas

Modern sunflower kitchen decor

Sunflower Kitchen Decor Curtains

Another suggestion for sunflower themed kitchen decoration is to hang curtains on kitchen windows with floral sunflower print or embroidery. White net kitchen curtains with sunflower embroidery or applique will give your kitchen contemporary look. Curtains in black color with yellow sunflowers will also look lovely. Keep in mind paint of your kitchen walls while buying curtains for your curtains.

sunflower kitchen curtains

Sunflower curtains for kitchen

Sunflower Decorative Hanging Lamps

If you want to make your kitchen contemporary look then buy decorative lamps for your kitchens. Hang decorative sunflower lamps on the roof of your kitchen. If walls of your kitchen are light colored like white then use yellow bulb in lamp. If kitchen walls are yellow hang lamp with white light.  So buy sunflower lamps and make your kitchen look chic.

Sunflower decorative kitchen lamps

modern snflower kitchen decor

These were all the ideas and tips for sunflower kitchen decor. If you are planning to change kitchen decoration this summer and spring then don’t wait and follow above guide lines for sunflower decoration.

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