DIY Spring Wreath Ideas 2015

Hanging wreaths on the walls and doors is the best way to welcome spring season. Spring is the symbol of change, growth, color and beauty. So add beauty to your home walls and doors by our DIY spring wreath ideas. Variety of wreaths are available in market and you can buy wreaths from market according to your home theme and colors. But i always prefer to make some wreaths at home for Christmas, summer or spring. Making wreaths at home is not only money saving but you can utilize your free hours for making something creative and beautiful. I am going to share pictures of some cute and easy DIY spring wreaths which can be made easily at home. First of all I would like to talk about DIY felt wreath ideas for spring.

DIY Felt Spring Wreaths

I love the felt flowers and decorations. Felt roses and flowers look cute on almost every type of wreath base. Cover Styrofoam wreath base with strip of felt if you want to make your spring wreath totally with felt. Other types of wreath bases can be made with yarn, jute, fabric etc. After making base decorate your wreath with different colors of felt roses and felt flowers. Here I have added pictures of different types of wreaths made with felt flowers. Felt roses are quite easy to make. All you need to do is that cut a medium sized strip of felt. Now roll it completely to give it shape of rose. Lock it with a stitch to prevent unrolling.

Simple spring wreath ideas

DIY felt spring wreath Ideas

DIY spring wreaths with felt

Cute spring wreath Ideas

 Handmade spring wreaths

Spring Wreath Ideas to Make with Fabric

You can use fabric for making wreaths in two ways. Either make base of the wreath with fabric or make fabric flowers for decorating wreaths. Fabric roses can be made just like felt roses by rolling a fabric strip to give it a shape of rose. Here are some pictures of DIY wreaths for spring made with fabrics. You could up use leftover fabric pieces for making wreaths. See the pictures added below to get ideas about making easy spring wreaths at home by using leftover fabric pieces.

Spring wreaths with roses

Easy spring wreaths tutorials

You can use artificial plastic or fabric flowers from your vases for decorating spring wreaths. Using wine branches for making wreath base is another good idea. Spring wreaths with wine base will look more natural. Similarly wild grasses of different types are also used widely in making of DIY spring wreaths. Adding pieces of laces available at home can also give cuter look to spring wreaths.

How to make wreaths for spring

DIY spring wreaths ideas

DIY Floral Spring Wreath Ideas

Paper flowers of different shapes and types are also used for decorating spring wreaths. Use colorful papers for making wreath flowers. Visit my post on DIY paper flower tutorial for getting ideas about making paper flowers. Paste these flowers on wreath to decorate it. Here are some pictures of easy spring wreaths decorated with paper flowers to give you ideas about basic wreath making with paper.

Inexpensive spring wreath ideas

Cute paper wreaths for spring

Mesh Flower Spring Wreath Ideas
Mesh flower wreaths are one of my favorite wreaths. Use mesh flowers for making spring wreaths to add colorful feeling of spring in your home. See the pictures of mesh flower spring wreaths to get spring wreath ideas about making different styles of mesh flowers for spring wreaths.

Spring mesh flowers wreaths

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Floral spring wreath ideas

So viewers these were some unique and easy spring wreath ideas which you can make at home to save money and for making your free time more productive and creative. Decorate your home with these colorful spring wreaths to enjoy the colors and beauties of spring season.

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