Five Small Hallway Ideas For Home

House decoration is very important no matter your house is small or large. But decoration of small house is very difficult. So to help you out we have posted articles on small kitchens and room decoration. Today i am  here with small hallway ideas. Hallways are very important and main part of house. As hallway is just like passage which leads to other parts of house so all guests pass from hallways when they come. Due to these reasons decoration of  small hallway should be very unique and stylish. Hallways are narrow as compare to rooms so they require more thinking and efforts for decoration. We are here with some Small hallway ideas and tips to decorate hallways.

Make Your Hallways Artistic By Paintings and Photos

You can make your small hallways beautiful by hanging paintings on the walls. To save money you can make paintings at home. To get tips on canvas painting ideas you can consult our article on canvas painting ideas. Paintings not only look beautiful but they are good for decoration of small spaces because they don’t take too much space. So decoration with paintings is the best idea to decorate small hallways. You can see pictures of some small hallways decorated with paintings to get ideas regarding the arrangement of paintings on the wall.

You can also hang photo frames on your walls. Just take your memorable photos and hang them on your hallway walls. They will make your hallway looking very stylish and beautiful.

Stylish hallway decoration

Small hallway ideas


Small Hallway Ideas To Decorate With Mirrors

You can also decorate your hallways with different types of mirrors. Buy framed mirror and hang them near entrance of your hallway. You can also use unframed mirrors cut in different styles and hang them on the walls of your small hallways. We have added some pictures below to give ideas about hallway decoration with mirrors.

mirror decoration for hallway

hallway ideas to decor with mirrors

Hallway Decoration with Rugs

You can also add beauty into your hallway by placing small rug in the middle of hallway. Rugs will make your hallway looking modern and stylish. So choose any stylish print and place it in the center of hallway to make it stylish. Keep in mind while buying rug for hallway that color of rug must match or compatible to the overall color scheme of hallway.

Small hallway decoration ideas

Narrow hallway decoration

Hallway Decoration with Flowers

Another Small hallway idea is to use flowers for decoration. You can use fresh flowers or artificial flowers according to your choice and availability. Place small stands or decorative tables on corners and turning points of hallway and place vases on them. Fill vases with flowers to make your hallway looking fresh and beautiful. You can see some pictures of well decorated hallways displayed below if you want to know that how to decorate small hallway with flowers.

How to decorate small hallway

Easy hallway decor ideas

Hallway decoration with decorative lights

For small rooms and hallways proper lighting is very important. If hallway is properly lit up then it will not look congested.  So you can use decorative lights to decorate your small hallways. Decorative lights will fulfill both purposes lighting as well as decoration. There are many options for lighting. You can use hanging decorative lamps on the roof or you can fix decorative lights and lamps on the walls. Some pictures of hallway decoration with lights and lamps are shown below which will guide you to choose right lighting system for your small hallway.

Small hallway ideas for lighting

Hallway decoration with lights

Small hallway decoration

So these were some small hallway ideas to decorate hallways in stylish and modern way. Hope they will help you to make your hallway look beautiful. See you next time with some decoration tips for your sweet home.


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