Modern Pool Landscaping Ideas With Rocks And Plants

Landscaping is the right choice for making large space around the pool beautiful, landscapes can add extra beauty and attraction around the pool. I am going to talk about some Modern pool landscaping ideas. No matter your pool is small or large you can turn it into beautiful natural landscape by using plants and rocks. I have added some pictures of modern pools with landscaping. Flooring of area around the swimming pool, types of plants and types of rocks used in pool landscaping must be kept in mind during landscaping. Here are some ideas by which pool can be made attractive and natural.

Modern Pool Landscaping With Rocks

Small pebbles and rocks of different sizes are used for pool decoration and designing. Pebbles can be used to make boundary around the pool, place plant pots on these pebbles to make it more colorful. Patio flooring can also be done around the pool with these pebbles. Pictures with this type of pool design are given below.

Modern pool landscaping

pool landscaping ideas

Here is another picture where small pebbles are used for decorating space around the swimming pool. Landscaping with pebbles is easy to do; low cost and most important thing is that it’s easy to maintain.

Pool landscaping with pebbles

Replace pebbles with large sized rocks for making pool landscapes with totally different looks. Artificial water falls around the swimming pools give natural and beautiful look to pool. These types of landscapes with rocks and artificial water falls in combination with different garden plants can turn the area around your pool into heaven. See the pictures of different pool landscapes shown below with different types of rock landscaping and rock artificial waterfalls.

Waterfall pool landscaping

Artifical waterfall landscapes

Pool landscaping pictures

Pool landscaping with rocks

Contemporary Pool Landscaping Ideas With Plants

Landscaping cannot be done without using plants no matter you are making landscapes in garden or pools. Different types of plants can be added in pool landscapes to give more natural looks. But remember that all types of plants cannot be used in pool landscapes. Here are tips for selecting pool side plants.

  • Avoid fruit bearing plants or those plants in landscaping which attracts insects if you are planning landscape around swimming pool.
  • Similarly avoid plants with too much leaf falling around your pool.
  • Try to use fragrant plants like lavender they will make your spa side more comfortable.
  •  You can use ever green ornamental grasses, fragrant plants, and other ever green plants.
  • Avoid using plants with thorns, spikes etc. in pool landscaping.
  • Plants chosen for pool landscaping must be strong, heat and chlorine resistant.

Some pictures are added below with pool landscaping and different types of plants. They will guide you to decorate pool and patio in modern way.

Pool landscapes ideas

pool design ideas

pool landscaping ideas with plants

Hope you will find this post on pool landscaping ideas useful for selecting landscape and plants for your pool.

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