Modern Paris Room Decor Ideas

These days most of international designers are decorating rooms and apartments with different themes. Themes of different countries, cities, and cultures are popular these days. So keeping in view growing trends of themed decor we are here with Modern Paris room decor ideas. We will talk about different ideas to give your room Parisian look. If you move along roads and streets of Paris you can notice classic architectures. Similarly everybody knows that Paris is famous for style and fashion. So if you are going to decorate your room with Parisian looks then you can use these classic architectures in combination with modernism to give your room French look. Here are some more ideas for Parisian room decor.

Classic paris room decoration

Furniture for paris room decor

Paris Room Decor With Pink Color

Pink color is sign of fashion and style. Interior designers use pink color in modern Paris room decoration. You can paint your room in pink and white or simple baby pink. Pink bedroom decor is best for teenage girls. In your master bedroom you can also use pink wallpapers. You can also use pink accessories as well in your room for Parisian decor. Try pink rugs, bedcovers, etc. You can use pinkish purple color in French room as well. I have added some pictures below to give ideas that that how you can add pink color in your bedroom.

Parisian themed room decor

Modern paris room ideas

modern paris room decoration

How you can give classic Paris look too your room

You can also give classic vintage Paris look to your room. Parisian people love to use classic things in modern style. You can see same trend in French home decor.  So try to use classic things and arrange them in modern stylish way. To give vintage look to your room you can try black and white. You can use black and white furniture; you can paint room in black and white and try accessories in black and white as well. Paintings and wallpapers with vintage looks and patterns are best for Parisian themed room. You can use dim colored or black and white paintings. Have a look at pictures given below to know how you can give Paris vintage look to your room.

vintage paris room decor

Stylish paris room decoration

More Ideas For Paris Room Decor

Here are some more ideas by which you can give French look to your room.

  1. If you are planning for decorating your room with Paris theme then how you can forget great Eiffel tower. You can use paintings, wallpapers, bed sheets, and cushions with pictures of Eiffel tower.
  2. If you visit French homes you will notice wooden floors. If your room has wooden floor already then well and good, if not then you can use floor mats or plastic with patterns of wood.
  3. French people also use large sized rugs in their home decor. You can also use rugs for room decor in black and white stripes or with patterns of French architecture.
  4. French people also use chandeliers in room decor.  Chandeliers remind us about royal French palaces. So choose some nice chandelier for roof of your Paris themed room.

Parisian room decor

Paris bedroom ideas

Modern paris room decor

Modern french room decor

Contemporary paris room decor

This was all about Paris room decor ideas. Hope you will like our suggestions for Parisian themed room decor. Don’t forget to give us feedback after reading this article.


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  2. hi – I dsaw a beautiful wall paper of Paris on pininterest – Please can you tell me where I can find this wallpaper – thank you – Gillian

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