DIY Paper Plates Crafts For Kids

Paper plates can be used to make really beautiful crafts. Today I have selected to post some very easy and pretty DIY paper plates crafts for kids. Sometimes it becomes hard for us to find good craft ideas for kids. You will find my paper plate craft ideas absolutely fit for your kids to make. All you need is colorful pencils or markers, some basic tools like scissor, gum or glue and paper palates and there you go you are ready for fun and excited craft projects for your little buddies. You can use these plate crafts for decorating kids room or class room as well. No more wait let us read easy DIY paper plates crafts  ideas for kids.

Take a paper plate and draw shape of moon on it. Cut it with scissor and make outline of the cutting with black marker. Color the plate with lite blue color. Use and eye ball sticker to complete the shape of moon face. Now use a thick thread and hang paper star. Paste your lovely craft on the wall of your kid’s room.

DIY paper plate crafts

Well my next paper plate craft idea is umbrella. Well I am not talking about real umbrella. It would be an umbrella that you can paste on your kids room walls or door. First of all cut a paper plate in half. Draw beautiful print on it with the help of markers and pencils. Make handle of umbrella by cutting card paper. Make drops of rain with paper and color it blue. Easy and amazing paper plate craft is ready.

Paper plate crafts

If you want to make beautiful sun shape with paper plate then here is an easy idea for making it. First color paper plate with yellow marker. Cut the plate with the help of cutter for eyes, nose and face shape of craft. To make sun rays use hand shapes and cut the paper card. Paste these cuttings around the paper plate. Beautiful craft is ready.

Paper plate crafts DIY

Surprise your little buddies with beautiful paper plate panda. Use paper plate’s back side and draw the face shape with marker. Cut the black card paper in round shape and make it eyes of the panda. Similarly make the ears and easy paper craft is ready.

Kids Paper plate crafts

Make lovely fishes with the help of paper plates. Color the plates with oil paints. Now it is time to cut the plates to make tales and fins of fishes. Isn’t it easy and beautiful craft idea for kids.

Kids crafts with plates

If you want to make garden decoration item or party decoration item then you can follow my clown  plate craft idea. Take a stick and at the top paste paper plate. Make eyes, face and nose of the clown. Cut a triangle and use it as cap of clown. You can make bow of the clown with paper also in the same way. I am sure who ever will look at your craft will smile.

Kids DIY crafts

Our last paper plate craft is snowman. Cut a circle with white chart. Now tie the cutting with paper plate with thread or you can paste the circle on plate with glue also. Make eyes, nose and face with marker. Now it time to cut out hands, hat and feet of snowman from colorful charts. Snowman is ready for door of your kid’s room.

Kids crafts ideas

That is all for today. Enjoy my easy paper plates crafts with your kids. All your comments are welcome. See you next time with some easy and fun craft ideas till than take care.

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