DIY Paper Flower Tutorial Step By Step Instructions

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DIY Paper Flower Tutorial To make Lillis

Here is paper flower  tutorial for making Lilly flower. All you need is wire for making flower stalk, and white or yellow paper for making anthers and paper in any other color for making flower shape. I have used purple color for making flower structure and white for making internal part. First of all cut the purple paper in the shape of water drop or leave. Now keep the thin end on the top and broad end of paper on the bottom. Curve the paper as shown in the picture. Now take wire and wrap white paper on it to make center of the flower. Wrap purple curved petal around the wire to make the shape of Lilly flower. Use green floral tape to wrap around the remaining part of wire. If you want fine finish then use cloth covered stem wire 20 gauge which is specially made for making flower stems. You flower is ready. Make bouquet of these cute Lilly flowers and arrange them in cute vase.

DIY paper flower ideas

DIY crepe paper flowers

Here is another tutorial for making tissue paper or crepe paper flowers. You need tissue paper, a golf ball, scissor, and green floral tape. Cut the tissue paper in square shape according to the size of petal you want to make. Now use a square tissue paper and place it on the golf ball. Twist the sides of tissue paper and remove the ball. Cut one twisted end of the petal and make five petals. Now join all these five petals and wrap the twisted ends of all the petals together to make stalk. Wrap green floral tape on the stalk and your paper flower is ready. To give cuter look you can place small wires in the center during wrapping to make stamens of the flower.

DIY tissue flowers


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