DIY Paper Flower Tutorial Step By Step Instructions

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Flowers are one of the most beautiful creations of nature. Flowers are used for decoration purpose; gardens are decorated with colorful flowers. Printed bed sheets, paintings, curtains etc. have cute floral patterns as well. I have some creative ideas for making artificial decorative flowers at home. I have given paper flower tutorials below to let you know that how you can make decorative paper flowers at home with the help of different types of papers.  I have shown some pictures below to make paper flowers of different types like roses, tulips etc. All the paper flower making steps are shown below with pictures. You could use Crayola construction paper for making these paper flowers.

Easy Paper Roses Tutorial

I am going to share very awesome and creative paper flower tutorial for making DIY paper roses. You need scissors and hard chart paper in any color for making these easy paper roses. Take a square shaped paper and make a circular pattern with the help of lead pencil just like the picture given below. Now cut it with the help of scissors by following lines. Make shape of rose by twisting paper. By making roses of different colors make bunch of these roses or use them for decorating DIY gift boxes.

DIY paper flower tutorial

Easy DIY paper flowers

Here is another flower making tutorial with the help of hard chart. Just take hard chart and cut flower shape with four petals. Now place two flowers upon each other and join them with glue or stitch them together by using cute bead or stone on the middle.

Hard paper flowers DIY


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