Easy Halloween Decorations DIY Ideas and Tutorials 2016

I love to make DIY crafts and decorations for decorating my home in unique and creative way. I am going to share some Easy Halloween decorations DIY ideas and tutorials to make them at home. Some of these DIY Halloween decorations are scary while others are made just for decorative purposes made with orange, red and black theme colors to symbolize Halloween. Hope you will also find some decorations appropriate for decorating your home this Halloween from today’s post.

Halloween Decorations for Doors and Windows

If you are looking for some unique ideas for decorating your windows and doors then you are at right place. I am going to share some unique ways of decorating windows and doors of home to give them spooky look this Halloween.

Make crochet spider web and use it to decorate your doors and windows. It will look very different and creative. You could also make crochet spiders with web as well to give more real look. These crochet spider webs could be used for decorating both doors as well as windows.

Latest Halloween decorations DIY

Use black paper; tape etc for making some scary creatures like spiders, bats, etc. Paste them on the windows. These paper decorations are quick and easy last minute Halloween decorations so best for you if you are looking for some quick DIY crafts for Halloween.

DIY Halloween decorations 2016

Spooky Halloween decorations DIY

DIY Hangings and Garlands for Halloween

Here are some more Halloween decorations DIY with paper and other ordinary things. For making first last minute Halloween decoration you just need balloons in orange and black color and some ribbons for hanging them. These hanging balloon decorations are best for Halloween party.

Last minute Halloween decorations 2016

Similarly you could use paper, straws, ribbons etc as well for making garlands for decorating entrance of home. These Halloween garlands could be used for decorating walls for Halloween party. Pictures of these DIY Halloween garlands are given below.

Halloween Party decorations DIY ideas

Halloween decorations DIY for parties

Halloween Crafts and Decorations with Paper

Making Halloween decoration items with paper is one of the easy Halloween arts to make because it is very easy to mold paper and number two you can use multiple materials with paper. I have selected easy and basic Halloween decoration ideas with paper for Halloween decoration ideas 2016. Check these amazing Halloween paper ideas.

Halloween Paper Bats

Take a hard card paper of black color and cut out the wings. You do not need to cut according to a very specific size you can make pairs of different sizes. The picture that I have shared shows the exact design you need to cut the paper into. Use color markers to make eyes and lips. Use wood sticks to paste paper bats. Give these Halloween paper bats to your kids and guests at door step once they arrive.

DIY Halloween party ideas

Halloween Wall Decor with Paper

Continuing on paper decor for Halloween, one of the easy and best decors is complete wall decor with papers. For this purpose again black color card paper is most used paper. Paste black card paper on wall and make different objects with papers. Self explained picture is shared below for you.

You can also make corner objects for room with paper. This will also make your overall decoration for Halloween look scary!!!

Halloween decorations DIY

Easy DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween Decoration Crafts 2016 from Bottles and Mason Jars

Empty bottles are one of the easily materials for DIY projects. Halloween bottle decor ideas are also easy and fun to make. You can use mason jars to make a bunch of orange flowers to symbolize Halloween.

DIY Recycled Halloween crafts


You can also make Boo cans for Halloween 2016. Just take empty cans and paint them or paste paper on them. Use sticks to hang any objects if you wish to decorate the Boo cans.

Halloween decorations DIY Projects

Easy Halloween decorations DIY

Halloween Poison Bottle Decorations

Take the empty bottles and paint them with mat black color. Use other objects like spiders etc to place near the poison bottles

You can also use color other than black to make poison bottles. Use different captions to further enhance the decoration of the bottles. Make different objects for the label of bottles.

Halloween decorations DIY tutorials 2016

That is all for this post of Halloween Decorations DIY ideas 2016. I hope you will pick one of the ideas and will try it at home. Looking forward for your comments and suggestions and see you next time with some other ideas. Till than take care and enjoy!

DIY Tools: Practicing Safety and Environmental Responsibility

Thanks to the plethora of ideas on Pinterest, Buzzfeed, and other online outlets, more and more people are taking the do-it-yourself route. Whether it’s through fixing or decorating certain areas in and out of the home, these DIY projects give you a one-of-a-kind feeling of success. In addition, these experiences – regardless of the outcome – ignite your potential and contribute to your overall growth. But behind the fascinating benefits of do-it-yourself ventures, lies the importance of safety and environmental responsibility.

DIY Tools

Source: pixbay.com

First on the agenda is to wear comfortable yet form-fitting outfits. Obviously, working on DIY projects is neither a showcase of your fashion sense nor is it an avenue to wear expensive pieces, so putting on appropriate clothes greatly reduces the risks of accidents. The same also goes with your hair. If you have long, gorgeous locks, then be sure to tie it up on a bun or put on a headpiece that will prevent it from tangling in your tools.

Moreover, it’s vital to have on basic safety pieces such as a dust mask, a pair of earplugs, and glasses. Gloves also help in diminishing do-it-yourself related injuries, but some people don’t prefer them, as it affects the overall handling of tools. Above all, as advised by Power Tool Institute, read and put heart into the fine print of manuals so you’ll have a better understanding on the do’s and don’ts of your equipment.

These days, most advancements in technology focus on improving lives and providing convenience in the process. Rarely do you see how some online platforms concentrate on the significance or the general concept of responsibility. Thankfully, one of the world’s largest trade retailer, Screwfix which stocks an array of power tools, makes it a point to not just offer viable pieces of equipment for DIY, but also products that save valuable natural resources.

On its Environmental Responsibility section of the website, the e-commerce platform highlights the value of green-labeled Save Energy symbols, or electric- and gas-dependent merchandises that don’t require much yet accomplishes every job efficiently well. This is another positive step towards a bigger goal of social awareness in terms of modern technologies and industries.

By now, you probably have at least an inkling of what tools to utilize during specific situations. It’s also safe to say you know a handful of alternative uses for these equipment based on Instructables tool hack ideas. However, all of these will go to waste if you don’t practice proper safety precautions and embrace the meaning of responsibility.