20 DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas 2016

Christmas parties are mostly arranged at home and in evening. Why don’t you try something different this time around. Today i am going to tell you some amazing DIY outdoor Christmas decorations ideas for 2016. Welcome this festive occasion and your guests right from your lawn and door with these outside Christmas decoration ideas. All you need is to plan your Christmas celebration outdoor and follow our DIY outdoor Christmas decorations ideas. your friends and relatives will simply love your decor for Christmas. Let us wait no further and read my outside Christmas decoration ideas one by one.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations With Unique DIY Christmas Trees
If you want to dress up your outdoors in a unique style with hand made decorations then Christmas trees are the right option. Decorate your lawn, porch etc with unique style Christmas trees. Here are some pictures of outdoor DIY Christmas trees which will surely enhance the beauty of your outdoor spaces these holidays.

This first DIY Christmas tree is made with wood pallets. Its very easy to make you can make this wood Christmas tree with hammer, nails, wood pallets and wool hanging ornaments. You can add light strings and other DIY ornaments as well to make it look more cute. second DIY Christmas tree is also made of wood pallets. But it is painted with green paint. You can place these Christmas trees in your lawn to decorate outside of your house this Christmas.

Outdoor Christmas decorations DIY

DIY holiday outdoor decorations
Here is another DIY Christmas outdoor decorations idea. Make unique Christmas tree out of light string to lit up your lawn with the magic of Christmas.

Outdoor Christmas tree decorations
DIY Outdoor Holiday Decorations With Wreaths
As first impression is the last impression so well decorated outdoor and porch will impress all the people around in the town. Wreaths are important part of Christmas decorations. usually wreaths are used for decorating front doors and walls. Here are some ideas for making DIY Christmas wreaths to decorate outside of the house. For making wreaths you need foam ring of desired size, ribbon to wrap the ring, wires, glue, ornaments, berries, pine cones cedar leaves etc. It all depends upon which type of wreath you are going to make. I have added some ideas for making wreaths in my previous posts about DIY Christmas decor. Here are some ideas for making outdoor wreaths.
Try out this wreath made with Holly plant berries, cedar leaves and pine cones. You can hang it on your door or wall of porch balcony or lawn.

DIY Christmas wreath outdoor

See these simple outdoor decorations done with plain green wreath made with Christmas plant branches.

DIY front home decorations

Outdoor christmas decor ideas

Simple outdoor christmas decorations


Using round Christmas ornaments you can make this ornament cluster wreath. Use hot glue to stick ornaments on the ribbon wrapped wreath. Choose color of ornaments according to your color scheme. Second wreath is made with birds feathers and you can add other materials as well for making this outdoor decoration wreath.

Christmas outdoor decor 2014

Make outdoor christmas decorations

If you want to decorate your door with something different then try out this framed wreath with hanging ornaments and ribbons.

Outside decorations for christmas

Join three wreaths together to give shape of snowman. This unique snowman wreath craft will be admired by everyone especially kids.

Christmas outdoor wreaths DIY

DIY Christmas Outdoor Decorations
Here are some more crafts and decorations in different styles for decorating porch, balcony and doors.
Hang paper snowflakes with a string to decorate the balcony of your house. Outdoor decoration with snowflakes is the best way to welcome winters and Christmas as well.

DIY christmas balcony decorations


For outdoor holiday decoration place pots planted with poinsettia plant to add traditional red color to your lawn and porch. Decorative pots can also be made at home by filling pots with pine cones, glittery ornaments, cedar, candles,berries and Christmas tree branches. Wrap ribbon and glittery net fabric to make knot on the pots to make them look more attractive. If you have made many decorative pots for Christmas then line your driveway with these pots. Here are some pictures of decorated pots for Christmas.

Outdoor Christmas decorations 2014

Christmas outside decoration ideas


Easy outdoor christmas decorations

DIY christmas decorations outdoor

Christmas lawn decorations


DIY outdoor christmas crafts


Fill baskets with ornaments and use light bulb string to cover the bottom of the basket. Hang these baskets in your lawn and balcony to add holiday sensation in your outdoors.

DIY outdoor christmas decorations

Make snowflakes with wood pallets and light them up to welcome snowy holidays. This snowflake outdoor decoration idea will make your home pretty and worth seeing.

Outdoor christmas decorations ideas

These were some DIY outdoor Christmas decorations ideas for decorating porch, lawn and balcony. If still you have not chosen Christmas decoration idea for Christmas 2016 then hurry up and choose some nice DIY Christmas outdoor decorations plans for your holiday house decor.

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