Easy Old CD Projects Ideas DIY For Home Decoration

Today in my post I have come up with Old CD projects ideas DIY. CDs are easily available in home and after some time due to scratches on the surface of CDs it becomes un-useable. Now you can use these CDs to make beautiful DIY CDs projects. DIY CD projects are not only fun to make but also these projects require very little money. You can make CD crafts with ease. Go on try one of my CD projects, engage your kids in these projects and you will see in no time you will have amazing crafts. Let us not wait anymore and explore my DIY CD ideas to do at home.

For our first CD project you need an indoor plant pot and black glue. Clean the pot completely and in the middle part paste the glue. Before applying the glue break the CD in random pieces. Now apply the shiny side of the CD pieces in random order. Let it dry and place this cute and shiny indoor planter in your room to decorate it.

Old CD projects diy

Our next DIY CD projects require 15 CDs, a clock machinery with needles (it is easily available at watch shop), metal or plastic flowers and last but not the least is super glue. You can also use beads or colorful buttons instead of metal flowers. First of all in the middle place a cd, now very carefully paste all the CDs with super glue as shown in the picture. In the middle hole of the central cd paste the clock machine but do not insert needles. Decorate the CDs with beads or metal flowers. Now insert the needles in clock machine. Amazing and beautiful DIY CD clock is ready.

old cd wall clock DIY

To make easy CD lamp you need 9 CDs. In the middle place one cd now paste two cds on each side of the lamp. In middle cd hole insert the energy saver or bulb carefully. Easy CD lamp is ready.

old cd crafts tutorial

Take a medium size plastic ball. Cut the cd in square pieces. Use glue gun and paste the broken cd pieces on the plastic ball. This may take some time but once you have finished the work you will see your work is not only creative but cute also.

Easy old cd projects

Our next craft is DIY CD candle stand. You need a cd, a bunch of marbles and glue. Place the cd and paste marbles on the edge of the cd. In this way make a round wall of marbles now one by one build stake of marbles in round shape and light up a candle in the middle of the cd. Is not it an amazing and easy DIY old CD  project?

old cd project tutorial DIYFor making  last DIY old cd project you need glass paint and different color beads. Make amazing patterns on the cd with the help of glass paint. Use beads to decorate your painting. You can also make hanging wall crafts like this as shown in picture. Cover CD with velvet cloth. Use beautiful ribbons to hang the CD. You can also explore our DIY glass painting projects.

old cd wall hangings DIY

how to make old cd crafts

That’s all for today folks. Kindly give us feedback about these DIY old CD projects ideas. Next time I will come up with some more DIY ideas. Enjoy my easy projects and share it with your friends also. Take care, see you next time.



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