6 Cool DIY New Year Eve Party Ideas 2017

After thanksgiving day you must be looking for some preparations for Christmas and new year. I have done various posts on DIY Christmas decorations, gifts and treats. Today i have decided to share some  DIY New Year Eve Party Ideas 2017. Welcome new year 2017 with your friends and family with our unique and creative new year party ideas. I have added number of ideas for planning a sophisticated, well managed and well decorated party. I have added DIY ideas for decorating party table and surroundings in this article. So surprise your friends with these new year eve  party decoration ideas 2017 which can be done at home. For proper management of new year eve party you should plan some things in your mind before sending invitations and before completing your planning. Here are some tips for new year eve party planning.

Tips For New Year Eve Party Planning
1. First of all decide theme color of your party. Apart from color you can choose other themes as well like fruity theme, floral theme, rustic theme , modern theme etc.

2. The conventional theme colors and contrasts used for new year eve party are gold or silver ( metallic), red and white theme, black and white theme ( Modern theme), Purple and White theme, blue theme. The colors and combinations which are given above are used most commonly in new year eve parties. You can choose combination of your own choice as well.

3. Choose menu for new year party. Try to select dishes by keeping in mind the color and theme of your new year party.

4. Select the venue before planning decoration and table setting of new year party. Lets talk about some unique new year eve party ideas for food and decorations.

Decorative New Year Eve Party  Ideas 2017
Here are some pictures and ideas for new year eve party decoration 2017. Choose decoration ideas from these pictures according to your choice and theme of party.

New year party eve decorations 2015

New year Party decoration With Balloons
Use balloons for decorating new year party venue. Sparkling balloons are best for decorating new year party. Make sparkling balloon garland or use them individually with buntings and paper garlands for decorating. Choose color of balloon according to theme color of the party.

New year Eve party Ideas DIY

New year party eve themes

New Year Eve Party Decoration With Candles
Use DIY glitter candles and candle holders for adding glittery sparkle to your new year eve. Use glitter candles or candle holders to place on the party table. Make candle holders at home by pasting glitter on the jar or by wrapping metallic tape on the glass jar. Pictures for party glitter candles and candle holders are shown below.

New year party eve decorations

New year party decoration ideas

Make Some DIY Party Hats For New Year Eve
Make party hats at home to add creativity and to save money. Here are some pictures of new year party hats made and decorated at home. use glitter, sequins and beads to decorate party hats. Write happy new year 2017 on the hats to make them more cute.

Decorations for new year party 2015

Easy new year eve party ideas

DIY Wine Glass Decoration For New Year Party
Use well decorated wine glasses to present cocktail to your friends on new year party. Well decorated wine glasses will not only make your party table beautiful but make your new year cocktail more presentable as well. Use glitter to decorate your new year party glasses. See the pictures shown below made with different glitters. Use colored crystals of sugar to decorate the edge of wine glass. See the cocktail glass shown below with blue sugar crystals.

New year party planning ideas

DIY new year party cocktail ideas

 New Year Eve Party Ideas For Food Items
Add some new year related food items in your menu. Make new year cake and new year cookies at home. Decorate new year cakes and cookies with iconic new year patterns like wall clocks, new year quotations, cocktail glasses etc. Here are some pictures of clock cookies decorated with royal icing of different colors. Use food color markers for completing the cookie clock. Make cookies in cocktail glass shape with cookie cutter for new year party. See the pictures shown below for reference. Make cup cakes with countdown clock tags as well for new year party. Decorate cocktail glass with marshmallow and place cup cake in the cocktail glass to use it as a food item as well as use it for decorative purpose.

New year eve party food ideas

New year eve party ideas 2015

New year party 2015

DIY new year eve party ideas


These were some DIY New Year Eve Party Ideas 2017. Use these ideas for making your new year eve more beautiful, memorable and impressive. See you soon with some more artistic ideas for new year 2017.

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