DIY Mothers Day Gift Baskets to Make at Home

I have given some cheap and easy mothers day gift ideas in my previous post.  You could arrange your DIY gifts for mom in cute baskets for better presentation. You could also make themed gift baskets for your mother to surprise her this mothers day. Here today I am going to give you some unique ideas about DIY Mothers Day Gift Baskets to make at home. Just buy a bamboo basket or to save money you could use plastic basket as well. More important thing is the way of arrangement of things within the basket and the decoration and wrapping also matters a lot. Similarly the theme selection also matters. Choose all the basket contents and theme of gift basket according to the personality and choice of your mother. Here are some creative DIY gift baskets ideas for mother’s day, hope they will help you in choosing the right gift for mummy.

DIY Self Care Gift Baskets

No matter your mother is a house wife or a busy working lady these gift baskets will be valued by every woman. Self care is very important and you could gift your mother some items for daily self care. Choose general self care items like body lotions, shampoos or you could also select particular items for shower, Cleansing, Feet care, Hand care, hair care etc.

Creative mothers day gift baskets

Hand Care Gift Basket: Put some hand creams and lotions along with hand scrubs. Place manicure items along with some cute nail colors in the basket. Your mother will love this year’s gift. If you want to save money place homemade scrubs and soaps within the basket.

Feet Care Gift Baskets: Make feet care basket by filling your gift basket with feet scrub and cleanser along with pedicure items.

Spa Gift Basket: Place some spa items like bath salts, shower gel, mud masks etc within the basket. You could place a towel or wrap a towel around the basket for gorgeous and stylish look. Here are some pictures where DIY self care baskets are shown which you could make at home for this mother’s day.

Creative gift baskets for mothers day


Mothers day gift baskets ideas

Cute DIY gift baskets


Gift baskets for mothers day

Home Improvement Gift Baskets

You could also gift some home improvement items by wrapping them in a gift basket. Here are some ideas for making home improvement gift baskets for your mother.

Mothers day Gift Baskets with Kitchen Items

Buy some basic kitchen items like beater, cooking spoons, bottle opener, and grater etc for making a gift basket for your mother. You can make basket with basic baking items like cookie cutters, gloves, and cookie decorating tools as well.  Here I have added picture of sample kitchen item basket for your ease.

Home warming gift baskets ideas

If your mother is tea lover then make coffee or tea gift basket for her this mother’s day. Place some flavored tea bags, coffee, chocolates etc in the basket to make your mother feel great.

Coffee gift baskets ideas

Mothers day gift baskets with different flavors of jams, jellies and honey can also be made. I have added some sample gift baskets with kitchen items which your mother will love to see.

Handmade mothers day gift baskets

If your mother likes gardening then I am going to share another amazing idea. Wrap some gardening tools and items in a basket to bring happiness and smile on your mothers face. Here is the sample basket.

DIY gift baskets for mothers day

If you have a mom who loves writing and reading then I am going to share another amazing idea. Just pack some books written by her favorite writer along with a coffee mug, writing pad or diary, and a cute pen. I am sure she will always remember this gift basket if your mom is literary type of lady.

DIY gift baskets ideas

Well this was all for today. Hope these sample DIY mothers day gift baskets would help you in choosing the right theme for your mother according to her personality. Never forget to give me your point of view regarding these unique and creative gift baskets ideas. See you soon with some more creative stuff.




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