Modern Decor for Small Spaces

Everybody wants to make their home look beautiful and modern. Decor of spacious rooms is not very difficult as you can arrange all the things like furniture and accessories easily. But decoration of narrow and small homes is not an easy task. We have decided to give you some tips on modern decor for small spaces. By keeping these guidelines in your mind you can decorate your small house in stylish and modern way. So let’s move towards ideas on modern decor for small spaces.

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

If your living room is small and you want to decorate your rooms in modern and stylish way then keep in mind following tips for decoration.

  1. Paint your small living room with light colored paints. Suggested colors for small living rooms are off white, white, light pink and light blue. Best color for small living room is white because white color makes your room look spacious.
  2. Properly light up your living room. Good lightning will make your room look spacious.
  3. If you want to decorate your small living room then decorate walls of your room by hanging paintings etc. Paintings will not take much space and its good option for decorating small living rooms. You can also place indoor plants in living room to give fresh look.
  4. Make combined dining and living room. It will save your space for dining. If you want separation then you can make sections by using curtains.

Modern small home decor 2014

Modern decor for small living room

Modern living room decor

Furniture for Small Homes

  1. Try to use light colored furniture in your home. This will also give fresh look to your room and will not make it congested.
  2. Buy sectional sofas for your homes. Sectional sofas provide sitting and sleeping space both and look modern as well. Sectional sofas will not take much space.
  3. You can buy beds with drawers or storage compartments as well. They will not only look beautiful but they will also help you to store extra things.
  4. Don’t fill your home with furniture too much. Try to place furniture according to the available space.

Modern decor for small spaces

Modern furniture for small homes

Use of Decorative and Storage Racks

  1. In small houses storage is also a problem. To solve the problem of storage we have some ideas. You can buy some stylish decorative and storage racks. Place these racks in your living room and use them for the purpose of storage. You can arrange books in these racks.
  2. You can also place decoration pieces on these racks along with books.
  3. You can also make open small shelves in washrooms and kitchens. You can store things there as well. You can see pictures displayed below to get ideas about racks.

Small living room decorating ideas

small Bathroom decoration

Modern decor ideas for small spaces

Use of Separation Curtains For Small Spaces

  1. You can also use separation curtains in your small house to separate different parts of house.
  2. Separate bedroom of your home from living room. You can also use separation curtains to separate living room from dining room.

Small home decoration ideas

Small home decorating ideas

Role of Windows and Mirrors In Small Home Decor

  1. Windows also play an important role in decoration of small house. Large floor to roof windows are considered best for houses with small space. They allow ample light to come in to room and due to huge windows rooms look spacy.
  2. Mirrors play important role in small room decor. Large sized mirrors mounted on walls can make your room look bigger. See the picture given below to get ideas about modern decor for small spaces.

Modern small room decoration


So these were some ideas about modern decor for small spaces. We hope our ideas will help you to decorate your small home in modern way. See you next time with some new tips of modern home decor.


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