DIY Home Decor With Beads Crafts

I have shared number of DIY crafts ideas with my viewers for home decor. I have given ideas to make new things from ordinary or recycled things. This weekend I am here with another DIY project. I come up with unique ideas for home decor with beads. This post will surely attract young teenage girls. Young girls will love to make these DIY beads crafts with different types of beads. I have number of ideas to use different types of beads in making decor items. You can use spare beads available at home to create beautiful decor items. In crafts given below different types of beads are used like crystal beads, acrylic beads, tube shaped beads, polished beads etc. You can pick any one from these crafts this weekend to decorate your home. So let’s see what type of beads crafts we have for you to make at home.

Home Decor With Beads To Make Candles

You can make cute candles and candle holders by using different types of beads. See the picture below where a beautiful candle holder is made with jars of different sizes, beads and jute net. Just fill beads of any color in the jar, paste jute ribbon, net ribbon flower or any other thing on outer side of jar and place candle inside the jar. A beautiful DIY centerpiece for decorating wedding table or dinner table is ready.

Beads home decor ideas

Here is another idea for home decor with beads candle holder which you can make with round jar, beads and glue. Take multicolored tube shaped beads and paste them on the jar to cover it completely. Your DIY beaded candle holder is ready. Everybody will appreciate your this easy and cute candle holder craft idea.

How to decorate home with beads

You can also decorate simple candles with the help of beads. Just take glue and brush it on the center of candle. Now take any kind of beads which are easily available and paste them on the candles. Your DIY decorative candles are ready.

Beaded Crafts ideas

DIY Beaded Curtains

You can also thread beads into thin plastic wire to make stylish beaded curtains. Make these cute beaded curtains and hang them on the doorways and windows to bring color and beauty into your rooms and hallways. I have given some pictures below where acrylic and crystal beads are used to make stylish beaded curtains. Also try other types of beads for making these beaded curtains for your doors and windows. If you have recently changed curtains then hang these beaded curtains on large walls to decorate them.

Home decor ideas with beads

DIy beaded curtains

In the picture given below you can see fabric curtains on which jewels and beads are used instead of curtains belts. So give new look to your old curtains with these belts of jewels and beads. So you can do your home decor with beads by this quick and easy DIY idea.

Home decoration with beads

DIY Chandelier With Beads

Use you old lamp shade to make this classic chandelier this week. Just hand large crystal beads with your old lamp shade, fix a bulb inside the lamp shade and hang it in your living or dining room to give a new look to room’s roof. Picture is given below to guide you.

Home decor with beads

Here is another idea for making centerpieces for party decoration, table decoration etc. All you need is ball shaped thermoplastic ball, beads of different sizes, and common pins. Fill your common pins with rows of beads, keeping the smaller ones adjacent to pin head. Now cover thermoplastic ball with these beaded pins as shown in the picture below. After making cute spiky beaded balls you can hang them on walls, stands, roofs etc.

DIY Beaded centerpieces

So these were some DIY ideas for home decor with beads. Hope you will try these beads crafts projects to make your weekend artistic and creative. Soon I will come up with DIY jewelry making with beads. Till then take care!

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