DIY Halloween Party Ideas 2014 Decoration And Treats

In my last posts i have shared DIY Halloween costumes ideas and today i am going to share some stuff regarding Halloween Party Ideas. Halloween parties are considered incomplete without scary and mysterious decorations, table settings and more important some fun spooky foods. I have some party ideas for this Halloween to decorate your party areas, table and food decorations. These easy to make DIY Halloween decorations and foods can make your party more scary and spooky.

DIY Halloween Party Decorations

With well decorated place you can make your party memorable on any occasion. When we talk about Halloween then spooky decorations with ghosts, spiders, Dracula , bats etc must be preferred. I have added some pictures below in which Halloween crafts and party decorations are displayed. All the decorations are easy to make and they don’t require much making time and techniques.

Halloween Decorations With Balloons
Use orange balloons for making pumpkins and white balloons for making ghosts. This balloon decoration for Halloween can be made in minutes with the help of balloons and permanent marker or black tape.

DIY Halloween party decorations

Tissue Roll Ghost Decorations
Tissue paper and tissue rolls can also be used for making ghost and pumpkin decorations for Halloween parties. See the tutorial shown below in the picture.

Halloween party decorations


Creepy Spider Plates
Instead of serving party food in regular plates serve your food this Halloween in these easy to make spider plates. These spider plates can be made easily with black disposable plates, just paste legs and your creepy plates are ready.

Last minute halloween party decorations

Milk Jug Ghost Lanterns
Make these milk jug ghost lanterns for Halloween party decoration with empty milk jug, permanent marker to make eyes and some led lights with small batteries.

Halloween part decorations

DIY Easy Halloween Party Treats
As i am talking about Halloween party ideas then how i can forget Halloween party treats. Here are some easy fun decorating ideas for making your Halloween parties and treats fun and spooky. All the decorations and ideas are easy to follow. Cup cakes and pop cakes are considered essential part of Halloween parties so make your parties and foods more scary with these DIY ideas.

Halloween treats DIY

Spider man Candy Apples
These spider man candy apples can be made by dipping apples in candy syrup or strawberry jelly syrup, make eyes with marshmallow and spider web pattern with chocolate.

Halloween party treats recipes
Marshmallow And Chocolate Stick Bones
Make these scary bones for Halloween party with chocolate sticks and marshmallow to make your table look spooky.

Halloween party foods

DIY Cupcakes And Cake pops Decorations
Decorate home made cup cakes and cake pops with chocolate, cream, fondant and jellies to make scary treats for Halloween parties. Here are some pictures of these decorated cakes.

Spooky halloween party ideas

Scary halloween party ideas

Halloween party ideas DIY

DIY Fruit Treats For Halloween Parties
if you prefer healthy foods for parties then you can use fruits for making healthy Halloween treats which can be made without cooking. These fruit treats are healthy as well as quick in making. These fruit treats could be a good addition to your party table.
Make ghost and pumpkin fruit delight with oranges and banana in minutes without baking or cooking.

Fun and Healthy Halloween Treats

These strawberry ghosts can be made with melted white chocolate and black chocolate.

Scary halloween treats

Here is table setting for Halloween with fruits and veggies cut in different shapes. Hope you will like this colorful table setting for Halloween.

DIY Halloween party ideas 2014

These were some unique DIY Halloween party ideas for decorating tables, cakes and foods in new and different way. Make and enjoy making these decorations to make your day memorable and scary.

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