Spooky Halloween Decoration Ideas and Crafts 2015

If you decorate each and every part of home for Halloween then you could find some adorable and creepy DIY Halloween decoration ideas and crafts in my today’s post. I am gonna sharing some easy and affordable decorations and crafts for decorating indoor, outdoors, walls and roof of home with cheap handmade Halloween crafts. Different scary decorations and crafts could be made for decorating home like spider crafts, ghost, monster and mummy crafts as well. Some symbolic Halloween decorations and crafts ideas are also given for making symbolic pumpkins and other Halloween items. These Halloween c rafts could be used for decorating gardens and indoor of the house.

DIY Scary Halloween Ideas and Crafts 2015

Indoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

Indoor of the house could be decorated in various ways. Here are some ideas of making table centerpieces and other decorative items which could be used as Halloween party table decorations as well. Some wall decorating paper crafts are also added in the pictures I have added.

In these first two pictures I have shown Halloween decoration ideas made on the theme of mummy. Wrap tape or bandage around some round object to make these mummy crafts. Place these decorations on the table if you are throwing a Halloween party.

Indoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

DIY Halloween decoration crafts 2015


These leaf crafts are made out of maple leaf. Just gather some maple leafs, paint them with acrylic paints in white color. Make eyes on the leaves with black color to give it look of cute little ghost. Make garland of these leaves to decorate indoors or use them one by one to decorate walls.

Last minute Halloween Decoration Ideas 2015

Here are two spider themed decorations for Halloween. Cut out some colorful spider webs from paper and use these webs for decorating home walls. Buy some pumpkins and make them hollow to make some space for placing candles in them in the center. Now add six black legs to give it look of spider. I have added a picture as well for your ease.

Handmade Paper Halloween Crafts 2015

Scary Halloween Decoration Ideas 2015

Outdoor Halloween Decorating Ideas

Here are some Halloween  decorating items for decorating outdoors like front and back yard, entrance of the house, balcony etc for Halloween. If you don’t want too much spooky outdoor decoration then decoration with pumpkins in different styles is the best idea. Use fresh and dried pumpkins for decorating main entrance of the home along with dried trees or some scary items. Pictures with this Halloween theme decoration are added below. Along with pumpkins hang some black spiders or bats to give bit scary look to your home entrance.

Halloween Decorating Ideas for Entrance of House

Halloween Outdoor Decoration Ideas 2015

Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas 2015

Spooky Halloween Decoration Ideas for Entrance of Home

Using fabric and paper make Halloween garden decorations like skeletons, ghosts etc. Pictures for DIY Ghosts and skeleton are here.

Front Yard Halloween Decoration Ideas 2015

Halloween Decoratition Ideas for Garden

Hanging Halloween Decoration Ideas

Here are some handmade hanging Halloween decorations which could be used for decorating indoor, outdoors and party venue on Halloween. You could hang these DIY Halloween decorations on ceiling, trees of garden or walls as well.

In first two pictures I have shown scary hanging decorations made of white string and glue. Using wrapping techniques wrap string on the balloon and harden it with glue. Remove balloon after drying. Use it for making spider webs or ghosts.

Ghost Halloween Hanging Decorations 2015

Hanging DIY Halloween Decoration Ideas and Crafts

Here are some more hanging decorations. Make pumpkins, bats, or skulls out of paper and make garlands of these paper decorations. Similarly for decorating entrance of house wizard hats could also be used. Spooky lanterns could be made from paper as well.

Halloween Window Decorating Ideas 2015

Hanging Halloween Lanterns and Designs 2015

Halloween Paper Lantern Ideas 2015

Beautiful Halloween decorating Ideas for Outdoor

DIY Halloween Door Decoration Ideas

Here I have added some scary Halloween door decoration ideas for decorating door of kid’s room or door of classroom. Make scary faces from paper plates and make garland of these scary faces now hang it on the door to give your door creepy look.

Halloween Ideas for Classroom Doors

Transform your door into a scary mummy by wrapping white tape around the door. Other scary faces can also be made on the door using colorful paper. Some doors decorated with scary theme are shown below in the pictures.

Spooky Halloween Door Decorations 2015

Halloween Front Door Decorating Ideas

Creepy Halloween Door Designs 2015

DIY Halloween Door Decoration Ideas


This was all for today. Keep visiting my blog for more Halloween decoration ideas and crafts to make your Halloween great with DIY projects without spending much money.

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