DIY Glass Painting Patterns Ideas

If you are art lover and if you keep trying different art projects then our today’s post will surely attract you. We come up today with DIY glass painting patterns. We will give unique ideas to make DIY crafts by Glass paints. You can make your plain pots and glasses more beautiful by just painting them with different painting patterns. You can also make new crafts and decoration pieces by painting mirrors and glass with beautiful patterns. Just like canvas paintings or traditional paintings you have variety of patterns and options. We have collected easy glass painting ideas as well. If you are a beginner in glass painting you can easily follow and make them. If you are expert in glass painting then we have some new and unique painting patterns for you as well. So let’s talk about simple and easy glass painting for beginners.

Simple And Easy Glass Paintings For Beginners

If you are beginner in glass painting then choose simple glass painting designs. Avoid designs with too much straight lines and graphical shapes like square, rectangle etc. We have selected some easy and simple designs for beginners which you can make with quite ease. Just sketch your pattern on paper and then trace design on glass by placing your sketch below glass. Now trace the pattern with the help of glass paint out liner. Now fill your sketch with desirable glass paints. Try easy shapes like petals ,hearts and simple flowers if you are beginner. Here are some pictures of simple glass painting designs hope you will try them.

Glass painting patterns for beginners

How to do glass painting

Simple floral glass paintings

Glass paintings designs


Floral Glass Painting Patterns

Floral paintings are liked by most of the people. Floral paintings can give beautiful look to your home. We have selected some floral glass painting designs for you so that you can give fresh look to your home. You can try floral glass paintings on anything. You can easily make floral  painting patterns on glass, mirrors, wine glass, pots, vases and doors and windows as well. You can try floral glass patterns displayed below.

Floral glass painting patterns

Glass painting for vase

Glass painting ideas

Unique glass painting designs

Floral Glass painting design ideas

Glass painting Designs Of Animals And Birds

If you are nature lover then you can make glass painting designs of animals and birds as well. Peacock glass paintings are very famous. We have also shared peacock glass painting design. You can make other patterns by glass painting as well. You can try patterns of butterflies, parrots, fishes or animals of your choice. You can get ideas about glass painting designs with patterns of animals and birds from pictures given below.

Peacock glass painting patterns

glass painting patterns

Glass painting patterns animals

Glass painting design ideas

So these were glass painting patterns which we have selected exclusively for our viewers. Hope you will give positive feedback on our article.



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