DIY Glass Bottle Crafts Ideas

Glass bottles are easily available objects in any home. Almost eighty percent of edibles come in glass bottles, be it drinks or catch-up or other sauces etc. etc. That is why we have decided to post DIY glass bottle crafts projects for you so that your empty bottles at home can be utilized for decorating your home. I have seen few blog sites with bottle crafts but only images and not the explanations. So I have decided to explain some beautiful bottle crafts projects for you. Bottle crafts are one of those crafts that are easy to make, require little time and effort and are relatively in-expensive. So gather all the spare and empty bottles you have in your home, let’s start making some beautiful bottle crafts.

Glass bottle crafts

For our first DIY glass bottle crafts project you need, Marble beads of different colors, silicon or super glue and empty bottles. First of make sure bottles are clean and dry. With the help of silicon or super glue, paste marble beads on all bottles. Simple and stylish bottle craft is ready. You can also use colorful tulip slick to fill the gap between marbles. Try making patterns with color marbles on bottle.

Glass bottle crafts ideas

Are you looking for party decoration ideas? Well you can try out this bottle craft idea. You need fresh flowers, wires and empty bottles of same shape and sizes. Cut many pieces of wire in equal size. Now fill half of bottles with water and put flowers in it. Tie top of bottles with wire and hang these bottles with the help of wire. I am sure your guests will be surprised to see your bottle craft.

Party decoration with glass bottles

Make beautiful glass lamp with the help of empty bottles. Take empty bottles with metal lid, hammer, steel nail, bulb with fancy holder and wire. According to diameter of bulb holder make hole in metal lid with the help of steel nail and hammer. Carefully insert holder in the hole. Now lit up bulb and surprise everyone at home with your beautiful hanging lamp. You can also make fence decorating bottles lamps in the same way with the help of steel chain.

Glass bottle crafts projects

Easy DIY glass bottle crafts

If you love to play with colors just like me then our next three DIY glass bottle crafts projects will surely catch your eye. Things required for these pretty crafts are paints of different colors, paint brushes, paper tape and empty bottles off course. Make stylish patterns with tape on empty bottles then paint the bottles completely. Once bottles are dry after color coating remove the tape and your craft is ready.

Easy glass bottle crafts

Well if you are looking for the simplest glass bottle décor idea then here it is. Just paint your empty bottles with different and vibrant colors. Now arrange painted and simple bottles and put beautiful flowers in it. A pretty craft is ready for your home or office desk.

DIY glass bottle crafts

You can also use gold or copper lacquer colors to make antique bottle vase in the same way as shown in picture below. Spray your bottles with gold or copper lacquer then make patterns with black or white on the bottles as shown in the picture.

Painted glass bottle crafts

For our last DIY glass bottle crafts project you need color full ropes, artificial flowers( ribbon flowers or paper flowers), stones and beads, silicon or super glue and empty bottles. With help of super glue wrap the rope around bottles. Paste different decoration items like stones and beads to complete this modern and stylish craft.

How to make glass bottle crafts

That is all for today folks. We hope you will like our simple DIY glass bottle crafts project. See you again next time with some other useful decoration ideas and tips. Take care!

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