DIY Fake Christmas Trees On Budget

If you are in creative mood these days and looking for Christmas preparations and shopping then don’t spend too much money on buying fake Christmas trees. Most people prefer fake Christmas trees instead of real ones because artificial Christmas trees don’t over crowd your room or space. You can decorate your small homes with fake Christmas trees without using much space. But one disadvantage of artificial Christmas trees is the price. I am here today with some nice and easy DIY Fake Christmas trees ideas. I have given ideas for making DIY unusual artificial Christmas trees with different things at home. Idea of making DIY Christmas tree is not only cost effective but you can engage your whole family for making these DIY Christmas trees, especially kids will love to take part in DIY Christmas trees making projects. So lets see how you can make DIY Christmas trees on budget out of ordinary things and materials in creative way.

DIY Christmas Trees With Wood
Wood Christmas trees can be made with wooden pallets, tree twigs and tree branches as well. I have added some unusual Christmas trees made with wood pallets and wood branches. For making first one you need wood pallets cut in different sizes ( large to small), paint wooden pallets with green acrylic and arrange them as shown in the picture to give shape of a tree. Place this tree out doors or indoors for Holiday decoration.

DIY  handmade Christmas trees

Here are DIY Christmas trees made with tree branches and twigs. Fill pot with stones or soil and place your branch in the pot. To give more beautiful look paint branches with shimmer silver or golden paint (Optional). Now your tree is ready for decoration. You can decorate this branch Christmas tree with any thing like ball ornaments, paper ornaments, string of small light bulbs, pine cones etc. For making fancy pot use glass vase filled with pine cones instead of pot. For making DIY Christmas ornaments you can see my post on DIY Christmas decorations.

Fake Christmas trees with branches

Fake Christmas trees ideas

Artificial DIY Christmas trees

DIY  Fake Christmas Trees With Junk Paper
Use junk paper or even old newspaper available in your store for making unique Christmas tree this year. Just take junk paper sheets and roll them to give it shape of a cone. Make cones according to the size of Christmas tree. See the pictures shown below with DIY paper Christmas trees with different sizes. Just paste all the paper cones on thick stick with hot glue to give shape of Christmas tree. At the end you can paint your tree with white, golden or traditional green acrylic spray as well. You can save many dollars by making DIY artificial Christmas tree with this method.

Fake Christmas Trees DIY

Cheap DIY Christmas trees

DIY Yarn Christmas Tree Ideas
Christmas tree can also be made with yarn. Use foam as a base and cover foam with hot glue. Now wrap yarn of single or different colors on the foam and your DIY yarn Christmas tree is ready. These iconic Christmas trees can be placed on table top as a centerpiece or you can use it for decorating fireplace as well. Stick beads on DIY yarn Christmas tree to represent decorative lights like real Christmas trees.

DIY Yarn Christmas trees

Fake Christmas trees on budget

Fake DIY Christmas Trees With Fruits
To decorate your party table or dining table use fruits to make Christmas tree for giving spiritual touch to your meals. Here are two types of Christmas tree one made with apple, carrot, tooth picks and fruits. Other one is made with chocolate dipped strawberries. Everybody will be impressed by your unique fruity Christmas trees.

Fake Christmas trees with fruits

Unique DIY Christmas trees

Unusual Fake DIY Christmas Trees
Here are some more ideas for making fake DIY Christmas trees out of different things. If you want to decorate your home in a unique and unusual ways then these Christmas trees are the best.
Use books of different sizes and beads string to make this unusual DIY Christmas tree shown below. This DIY Christmas tree can be made quickly in no time.

Easy DIY Fake Christmas trees

Make small pine cones Christmas trees with painted pine cones. Stick beads on the cones in place of light. Use these pine cones for decorating table top or fireplace.

DIY artificial Christmas trees

Use cardboard and cut it to give it shape of Christmas tree. Hang ornaments made of yarn and buttons to decorate artificial Christmas tree.

Alternative Christmas trees DIY

Stick plastic spoons on the foam with the help of hot glue to make fake DIY Christmas tree with plastic spoons. Paint it with white or green paint to finish.

DIY fake Christmas trees ideas

If you want to decorate your room walls with Christmas tree then use nails and strings to make shape of Christmas tree on the wall. Use green string to make shape of Christmas tree. Use Christmas tree ornaments made of paper to decorate the Christmas tree. Everybody will admire this unusual and unique DIY Christmas tree idea and your creativity as well.

Unusual DIY Christmas trees

So these were some unusual and unique ideas for making DIY fake Christmas trees on budget. I hope you will try some of these Christmas trees for decorating your dining tables, fireplaces, walls etc. I will see you soon with some more DIY ideas.

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