DIY Easy Thanksgiving Crafts Projects for Adults

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I have gathered number of Easy thanksgiving crafts projects for adults, which will help you to make your holidays more fruitful and beautiful without many expanses. I have different and unique ideas for making decorations and crafts for decorating outdoor, indoor, thanksgiving table, etc. No matter you like turkey theme, corn theme, pumpkin theme or some edible crafts each and every type of crafts are included in my today’s post. First of all I am going to talk about some easy thanksgiving decorations and crafts from recycled materials.

Easy Thanksgiving Crafts from used Bottles and Jars

Here I am going to show you some creative projects in which used mason jars and wine bottles are used for making beautiful homemade crafts for thanksgiving.

  • Paint old wine bottles with some fall themed acrylic paints and make different patterns according to thanks giving on these bottles.
  • Use buttons, yarn, burlap etc for writing thanks on the bottles and you could use these bottles for decorating mantle, dining room etc.
  • Using old mason jars different types of candle crafts for decorating thanksgiving table could be made.
  • Fill mason jars with corn, seeds etc and place some beautiful candles in them. Add some fall leaves to make it cuter you could paint leaves with gold spray paint as well. Here are some pictures to guide you.

DIY Easy thankgiving crafts

DIY Thanksgiving crafts for adults

DIY thanksgiving crafts projects

DIY Thanksgiving decorations 2015

Easy Thanksgiving crafts for adults

Easy thanksgiving decorations and crafts 2015

Recycled DIY thanksgiving crafts


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