Easy Halloween Decorations and Crafts to Save Money

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I have got great response on my previous posts about Halloween decorating ideas and projects. So I am again here with some Easy Halloween decorations and crafts ideas for busy people and those people who have tight budget. These easy Halloween decorating projects and crafts will not only save time but precious money as well because they are all made with recycled or other cheap materials.

So get little bit artistic and decorate your home with your DIY decorations to amaze the entire trick and treat visitors. Ordinary and cheap things could be converted into beautiful decoration items by these Halloween projects. I will talk about Halloween decorating ideas with pumpkins.

Easy Pumpkin Halloween Decorations

For making these pumpkin projects and crafts you could use real raw pumpkins and convert them into scary or decorative items. If you don’t want to use real pumpkins then make symbolic artificial pumpkins from number of ideas.

Spray metallic paints on pumpkins for making silver or gold decorative pumpkins if you want to decorate. Make metallic pumpkins in different sizes and place them on the mantle, dining table, entrance door steps etc to decorate it. By cutting pumpkins and making scary faces on these pumpkins is also a good idea. Here I have added some pictures.

DIY Easy Halloween decorations

Easy outdoor halloween decorations

Hanging paper pumpkins could also be made and used for decorating gardens or hang these paper pumpkins on the room ceiling to make them cuter.

Easy Halloween decorations tutorials

DIY Paper Halloween decorations


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