Easy DIY Nail Designs For Beginners 2017

Today i am going to post about top searched topic and important part of female make up. Yes you have guessed it right i am talking about DIY nail designs and arts. I am gonna give you easy DIY nail design ideas. No doubt any make over is incomplete without nail coatings. Be it a formal function or casual get to togather at a friends home, Nail designs always catch eyes of spectators.You can find lot of stuff on nail art on different websites on internet but usually just images are shared with complicated designs which are difficult to make at home. That’s why i have decided to share this fruitful article for my viewers where you will find some easy nail designs step by step. Don’t hesitate in trying these nail paint ideas if you are a beginner because i have added all the nail paint ideas which are easy to make and they are best for beginners. I have given simple DIY nail art ideas that you can make at home in little time with little effort. Nail designs add vibrant colors to overall makeup scheme and they are best if you don’t want to wear makeup but add some colors to your personality. See the below tutorials to get nail pattern ideas for beginners.

Things Required For Making Nail Designs:

For making  easy DIY nail designs different things and materials are used. Most important is nail paint in desired color, transparent top coat for shine, tooth picks, nail art brushes, scotch tape, net fabric etc. Different nail art kits are also available in markets these days which have all the nail art tools for making nail designs easily at home these nail art kits have strippers, brushes, doters, etc in them for making nail art patterns. You will see use of scotch tape and nail art brushes in most of the nail designs showed below.

Easy DIY Nail Designs with Scotch Tape

You can make amazing DIY nail designs if scotch tape and two or more colors of nail enamels are available at your home. just cut scotch tape in different shapes and patterns and stick it on nails, after this apply nail color in any other color to complete nail design. See the pictures given below in which scotch tape cut in various shapes and designs is used to create beautiful and colorful nail designs.Hope you will like them. Steps, shape and method of pasting tape is shown in the pictures. Hope they will help you in making striped and geometrical nail art.

DIY scothtape nail designs

Easy DIY nail design ideas


Nail designs DIY 2014

DIY Nail patters 2014

Nail designs for beginnersNail designs for beginners

DIY Nail Designs With Brushes

Brushes can also be used for creating cool nail art designs. Below i have added some nail paint ideas which can be made easily by beginners with the help of nail art brushes.

Easy DIY nail designs

Easy DIY nail art ideas

Nail art ideas DIY

Easy DIY Nail Designs With Stones

For formal makeovers and bridal nails, stones are used for decorating nails. For making these easy DIY nail designs you just need glue, stones of different colors and nail paints with transparent top coat. Stones in different colors are pasted on nails with the help of glue for completing nail designs. See the nail designs shown in the below pictures where stones are pasted in shapes of flowers, stars etc for making nail designs.

Simple DIY nail designs 2014

DIY nail designs at home

DIY Fade Away Nail Art Tutorials

Nail designs with fade away technique look very elegant. They seem to be difficult to make but you can make them at home with ease. How? See the pictures shown below to get ideas about making DIY fade away nail art tutorial with steps.

fade effect nail art for beginners

DIY nail designs tutorial

So these were some easy DIY nail designs for beginners 2014. Hope you will like these nail art patterns made with different techniques. Don’t forget to share your views about these nail designs. See you soon with new DIY nail art designs.

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