DIY Easy Christmas Cookies Decorating Ideas

Holiday season is around the corner if you are looking for Christmas treats and Christmas gifts ideas then i can help you. I come up today with some nice easy Christmas cookies decorating ideas DIY. Christmas tables and parties are considered incomplete without Christmas cookies. Christmas cookies can also be used as a gift for near and dear ones. Well decorated cookies can increase the beauty of gift or party so i have added some easy holiday cookies decorating ideas in the pictures shown below.

Tips For Buying And Making Cookies
For decorating Christmas cookies you need cookies which can be baked at home or you can buy plain cookies from the store. Home made Christmas cookies are best because you can make Christmas cookies in different sizes and shapes of your own choices. Buy set of Christmas cookie cutter in different shapes like stars, candy canes, Santa, Christmas tree etc. Use chocolate cookies, simple sugar cookies, ginger or cinnamon cookies etc for decorating. if baking at home start decorating cookies after proper cooling
Tools For Decorating Cookies
Different things and tools are used for decorating Christmas cookies. Use candy sprinkles, spatulas, squirt bottle, piping bags etc for decorating cookies. Use Squirt bottles and piping bags with small openings. For decorating cookies you can use other things like jellies, jelly syrup, chocolate, beans, nuts, crushed coconut, colored sugar crystals, toffees, candies etc.

Tips For Making Icing For Cookies Decoration
Icing for decorating cookies is made by mixing Icing sugar ( also called powdered or confectioner’s sugar) with egg white. Beat confectioners sugar with egg white to make smooth paste. To make thick icing increase amount of icing sugar. Add food coloring s of your choice for making base of cookies in different colors. Use thick icing for making outline of cookie. After making base you can further decorate cookies in different styles. Different cookies decoration patterns are shown below.

DIY Simple And Easy Christmas Cookies Decoration Ideas
For decorating sugar cookies for Christmas use icing described above to make the base in color of your choice. After setting of base you can try different things for decorating Christmas cookies. Here are some pictures of simple cookie decoration which can be decorated easily at home. Make Christmas cookies ornaments, decorated bell shaped cookies, star and snow flake shaped cookies. You can also try flower shape with red icing. Try other shapes like Christmas tree, Santa and snowman shapes etc. Here are easy  Christmas cookies decoration ideas for all shapes. Use jelly syrup, beans, candies colored coconut etc for decorating cookies after making cookie base.

Easy Holiday cookies decoration ideas

Simple Christmas cookies decorations

Simple christmas cookies DIY

sugar cookies decorating ideas

decorating cookies for Christmas

DIY easy Christmas Cookies


Christmas tree cookies decoration

Cookies decoration for Christmas

Christmas Cookies decorating ideas

Easy Holiday cookies decoration



Easy  Christmas Cookies Decoration With Chocolate And Cream
Melt white or brown chocolate and use it as a base instead of icing base. This chocolate base will make your cookies more delicious. After making base of chocolate on cookies decorate holiday cookies with beans, toffees, chopped nuts, crushed candy canes, jelly beans etc. I have added some pictures below where chocolate base is made and cookies are decorated with nuts and candy canes. Sweetened fresh cream can also be used for decorating holiday cookies. I have added a picture where cookies are decorated with cream base and flowers and decorations made with fondant. Use colored candies to add more colors in cookies decoration. You will love the cuteness of Christmas cookies decorated with fondant and cream.

Easy Christmas cookies DIY

Easy Christmas cookies ideas

How to decorate Christmas Cookies

Easy Cookies decoration DIY

These were some simple and easy Christmas cookies decorating ideas to decorate holiday cookies at home. Hope these cookies will add colors and beauty to your Christmas table, Christmas parties and gift boxes. See you soon with some Christmas treats ideas.

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