Fun Easter Crafts For Toddlers DIY Tutorials

Kids love to take part in celebrating the festive occasions like Halloween, Christmas, and Easter etc. If you are teacher or parent you could keep your children busy in making creative and fun crafts for these events. Today I have decided tom share some super easy, fun and creative DIY Easter crafts for toddlers. I am gonna share various tutorials for making Easter theme crafts for decorating class room, kids room or any other part of home for Christmas. All the crafts are based on Easter theme and you could help your kid in making these Easter crafts by providing some easily available materials and little help. First of all I will tell you about DIY bunny craft tutorials for toddlers.

Creative Bunny Easter Crafts for Kids

If you are looking for some fun crafts for Easter then making Easter bunny is the best idea. I am going to share some Bunny craft templates for kids which are easy to make with easily available things. You could use disposable paper plates, cups, chart papers, etc.

For making this bunny face you need two paper plates. Make face of the bunny with one plate with cuttings and use second plate for making ears of the bunny. Paste or draw eyes and paste cotton balls for making nose of the bunny. Template picture is given below for making bunny craft.

Easter crafts for toddlers from paper plates

Use colorful old socks, ribbons and some cotton for stuffing socks for making stuffed bunny. Make eyes and nose with threads of pieces of cloth. Tie ribbon on the neck and make bunny ears by cutting=g with scissors. Here is the picture for your ease.

Recycled Easter crafts for toddlers

For making quick and easy bunny crafts provide your kids some chart papers, markers and glue. Cut square chart and make cylindrical shape with paper and glue to make face of the bunny. Cut ears of the bunny and paste them on the head of the bunny with glue. Use markers for making eyes nose and lips of bunny or use round paper or fabric cuttings for making nose and eyes of bunny.

Bunny Easter crafts for toddlers

Your toddlers could up use old wooden spoons for making bunny crafts. Paint wooden spoon and convert it into bunny by adding paper nose eyes etc. Here are some pictures for reference.

Recycled Easter crafts for toddlers


For making perfect Easter bunny puppets craft use empty egg shell and use it for making face of the bunny with markers. Make feet of the bunny with cotton and make ears with paper and paste ears on the back of the bunny. Cute bunny puppets with wooden spoons are ready.

DIY Bunny puppets for toddlers


DIY Egg Easter Crafts for Toddlers

Toddlers enjoy making colorful egg crafts for decorating their class room and bedroom. In first picture I have given step by step tutorial for embroidery eggs with yarn and glue. Just follow the steps for making cute hanging Easter egg crafts.

Easter crafts tutorials for toddlers

Some other ideas for making Easter egg crafts are also shown below. Paint empty egg shells with paints of different colors. Make towers and different designs with these painted eggs for decorating Easter party table. You can also make cute hanging egg crafts by pasting leftover buttons or beads on the egg shell. Here are some reference pictures for making Easter crafts for toddlers with eggs.

Easter egg crafts for toddlers

DIY Easter crafts for toddlers

Easy Easter crafts for toddlers

Well these were some fun Easter crafts for toddlers for decorating party table, class room and kids room. Soon I will come up some more Easter decorations for toddlers.



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