DIY Easter Card Ideas To Make at Home

Although internet, smart phones and social media have changed the ways of greetings but some classic ways of greetings are still here. Well if you also want to greet your loved ones in a classic way then making an Easter card with your own hands is a good idea. Today I am going to share some DIY Easter card ideas to make at home. You could make beautiful Easter greeting cards at home to greet your friends and family members. I am going to share number of ideas for making handmade Easter cards with different themes of spring and Easter. So let’s see how you could make cute and Easy Easter cards for greeting your loved ones.

DIY Egg Easter Cards

Easter celebrations and decorations never complete without colorful and cute Easter eggs. So here are some ideas for making Easter cards with egg theme. In first picture you could see the step by step tutorial for DIY Easter card. All you need is paper cutter, card paper, washi tape with different patterns and glue. Just follow the steps and your egg Easter card is ready. Even small kids could make this super easy Easter card for their friends.

DIY Easter cards tutorials

Homemade Easter card ideas


Here is another idea for making Easter egg card with washi tape. All you need is to arrange pieces of washi tape in a shape of egg. Your colorful Easter greeting card is ready without spending much money.

DIY Easter card ideas

DIY Easter card ideas for kids

Have a look at this step by step tutorial for making Easter card in egg shape and egg theme. All you need is the card paper of two different type’s one plain and the other one with print. You will also need ribbon or lace for decorating card.

Handmade Easter card step by step tutorial

Handmade Easter Bunny Cards

Idea of making Easter greeting card with Easter bunny theme is great. You could make Easter bunny card by cutting bunny’s shape from card paper and paste it on the card. Here are some pictures which can help you in making cute handmade Easter greeting card.

Easy Easter cards ideas 2015

DIY Bunny Easter card ideas

Easter Card Ideas with Paper Quilling

Trend of making cards with paper quilling is increasing these days. Here are some ideas for making Easter cards with paper quilling. You could make Easter eggs with paper quilling and flowers as well.

Handmade Easter greeting cards

Paper quilled Easter card ideas

Easy Easter Card Ideas

Up use old newspaper for making colorful butterflies on your Easter handmade card. This 3d Easter card is easy to make and it will stun your friends. Just cut three to four butterflies from newspaper and from printed card paper and newspaper. Now place them one upon another and paste the centre of butterflies with glue. You spring Easter card is ready. You could also cut flowers just like these butterflies for decorating your Easter cards.

DIY Easter greeting cards

Well these were some Easter card ideas for greeting your friends in a creative and different way. I will also share more DIY Cards ideas with you in future posts. So keep visiting my blog for creative and cute card designs on budget.





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