Easy DIY Wind Chimes Ideas For Homes And Gardens

Today we are going to tell you some easy and fun ideas on DIY wind chimes. Wind chimes are not unknown item in decoration of a house. They produce sweet sound when door is opened by someone or when wind blow in the garden. Wind chimes are also hung on windows so that when wind enters through window the sweet sound of wind chime may cherish the occupants of the room. We have picked up only that DIY wind chimes ideas in which easy to find things at home are being used. So why to wait let us find out how to make beautiful and amazing DIY wind chimes.

Wind Chimes made with Keys

Well gather all the useless keys in your house now paint these keys with vibrant colors. Hang these painted keys with colorful thread on a stick. Do remember to paint the stick also. Your pretty key wind chime is ready. Note when selecting the keys, choose that keys which are flat and light waited, the lighter the keys the more sound they will produce with little wind.

Diy wind chimes ideas

You can also make key wind chime in round shape. For this purpose you need round shaped wooden frame, keys and chains. Take a round ring of wood; you can also take old embroidery frame of your mother. Now with help of chains hang keys around that ring. Round shaped key wind chime is ready.

Simple diy wind chimes

CD Wind Chimes

Now you need not to throw your old CDs in dustbin. Now you can make CD wind chime. Take a CD and make hole on the edges of the CD. In each hole hang one CD with the help of thread. Hang each CD with different length of thread. Shiny and beautiful CDs wind chime is ready. These CD wind chimes will make your garden beautiful.

DIY cd wind chimes

Beaded Wind Chimes

Amazing and colorful DIY wind chimes can also be made with the help of beads, thread and pencil. You can buy beads or you can also take out beads from your old jewelry. Make hole in pencil. In second step either you attach beads with the help of super glue on thick thread or use beads with holes and use needle to attach beads on thread. When you insert one bead with needle then tie a knot on thread so that there is distance between two subsequent beads. Hang the beads on pencil. DIY colorful bead wind chime is ready.

DIY beaded wind chimes

You can also make beads wind chime not for sweet sound but just for beauty. For this purpose you need not to tie knot on thread while inserting each bead. See picture below for further explanation.

DIY wind chimes for garden

DIY wind chimes tutorial

Shell Wind Chimes

Well next time you visited sea shore remember to collect a lot of shells as we are going to make wind chime with the help of shells and thread. Take shells of different shape and size. Paint these shells. Attach these shells on thick thread with the help of super glue or make hole in each shell and attach shells to thread. Now you need something to hand these shells for that you can take round shaped lid of any bottle. Lid must be medium in size. Make hole in the lid and hang shells. Easy and beautiful DIY shells wind chime is ready.

Sea shell diy wind chimes

Sea shell wind chimes ideas

You can also use combination of beads and shells for making wind chime.

Rainbow DIY Wind Chimes

At the end of our post we are going to tell you how to make DIY rainbow wind chime. Take four different shaped wood pieces. Now insert hooks in the pieces of woods. Hooks are easily available at any hard ware store. Paint these pieces of wood in rainbow colors. Hand these painted pieces in row on a stick. DIY rainbow wind chime is ready.

Easy DIY wind chimes

In place of wood pieces you can also use round shaped pieces of wood as shown in the picture below.

Colorful diy wind chimes

We hope you will try one of the DIY wind chime ideas presented above. With this hope that you will like our post see you next time till than take care!

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