Inexpensive DIY Wall Decor Ideas and Crafts

Refresh your home with something new and cute this summer. I am going to share some very creative and inexpensive DIY wall decor ideas. I will tell you today that how you could dress up your walls with inexpensive handmade crafts and decorations. All the wall decorations and crafts are made with inexpensive things and the steps for making these wall decor crafts are also very simple. I have added different ideas for decorating walls of different parts of home. First of all I am going to talk about framed wall decoration crafts.

DIY Framed Wall Decoration Crafts

I have got very good response on my post on DIY canvas painting ideas. As people like framed crafts so I come have gathered number of ideas for making framed crafts for decorating room walls. You could use these DIY framed decorations for decorating walls of living rooms, bedrooms, hallways etc.

DIY Nail String Craft Ideas

Use Nails and string for making cute DIY nail string craft for decorating walls of your living room. Here I have added step by step tutorial for making very cheap nail string craft for decorating walls of bedroom and living room.

DIY framed wall decor crafts

DIY Doily Wall Art

The pictures I have added below could help you in making cute and elegant doily wall art at home. Just use doily made by your grandmother or mother for making this wall decoration. Paste doily on a frame and your creative framed doily craft is ready.

Handmade wall decor crafts

DIY wall decor crafts ideas

Dining Room Wall decoration Ideas

Here is another idea for decorating walls of your dining hall. You could decorate walls of dining room without spending a single dollar. Just gather and paint your old plates and paint them in a different ways and patterns. Use glass paints or acrylics for painting. Fix these plates on the wall of your dining room for giving your wall a new look.

Cheap DIY wall decor

Handmade Paper Crafts for Decorating Walls

Handmade paper crafts could also be made for decorating your room walls. Here I have added some pictures where walls are decorated with cute birds, butterflies etc. Choose different patterns for sticking paper crafts on the walls. Use plain card papers or colorful printed papers for making these paper crafts.

DIY wall decor with paper crafts

DIY wall decor with paper butterflies

DIY room wall decor ideas

DIY Garden Wall Decor

Here are some unique and creative ideas for decorating garden walls. In first picture rim is fixed on the wall. It is decorated with cute pebbles and plants. You could also use cactus or some artificial plants in them.

DIY garden wall decoration

Wooden Crafts for Wall Decoration

Decorate your yard’s wall with some wooden items. Fix some stem fragments on the walls of garden for adding some colors and beauty. You can also make dragon flies or butterflies out of wood for decorating garden walls.

DIY garden wall decoration ideas


Inexpensive wall decor DIY

Fix some mason jars on the wooden bars and place these wooden bars with mason jars on the garden walls for making your garden look awesome. Fill jar with water and put real or artificial plants in the mason jars.

DIY Wall decor ideas

Here is step by step tutorial for making inexpensive DIY wall decor craft for garden. By using a wire, metallic net and some cute rocks you could make a fabulous garden decor craft without spending too much. You could also color these rocks with different colors for making them more beautiful. Here is the picture for your help.

DIY wall decor tutorials

Well these were some cheap DIY wall decor crafts ideas to make at home. Hope I will get a good response from you on these fun wall décor ideas. Keep visiting my site for more DIY projects and crafts.




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