Easy DIY Projects for Home with Inexpensive Things

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DIY Projects for Home From Recycled Materials

Although all the above diy projects for home categories are recycled materials used in home but this part of the article specifically highlights these recycled materials. Decorate your homes with vertical pots made from empty cans. It is time to test your creativity and color selection.

DIY Projects with recycled things

In the early part of the post I told you how to make DIY art items using bottles well now its time to highlight the bottle crowns. Take bottle crowns and color them with paint. Now use glue gel and make a layer with it in a tray. Place the bottle crowns in it in a pattern and let it dry. Once it is dry make another transparent layer and let it dry again. Amazing and different tray made with crowns is ready.

Home improvement projects DIY

Similarly you can make decorative mirrors using your old jewelry. Not only mirrors you can also make photo frames by this method.

Cheap DIY projects for home

Make your own cushion covers using leftover fabrics. All you need is small pieces of the left over fabric and make designs n plain cushion covers  using these fabrics.

DIY Projects for home decor

Want to decorate your lawn using PVC pipes? Well take PVC pipe and make a stand. Use tuna can as a holder. Paint the stand first. Now use the candle and glass pot. Your very own hand made DIY candle stand for garden is ready.

Inexpensive DIY projects for home

Well enough ideas for today’s post. This is very vast topic and I have tried to give you few ideas or guidelines that you can follow to make art items. See you next time with some more home décor ideas and crafts. Take care!


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