Easy DIY Projects for Home with Inexpensive Things

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DIY Canvas Art Projects and Tutorials

By little creativity and techniques you can create amazing DIY canvas art and paintings to decorate your beautiful houses. Again there are a lot of choices and you can try out more than one ways to make these canvas art ideas for homes. First of all you need to have natural items like big leaves, flowers and leaves and you can print them on the canvas. See the pair of images below for step by step tutorial for DIY canvas paintings.

DIY Canvas art ideas 2016

DIY Canvas art projects for home

In the same way use can also use crochet mats and other items to make canvas art. The reason why I chose crochet covers is the patterns in the centre of these covers. These patterns are amazing. All you need to do is to paint the canvas first to make base of canvas. Now place crochet cover on canvas, with the help of spray paint print crochet patterns on canvas. Here you have to take care of two things number one do not let the spray paint go on the base color number two place the spray paint at proper distance from canvas for even paint distribution.

DIY Canvas art tutorials

There can be funky canvas art ideas also. I have selected one of it. Take crayon colors and paste all of them at the top of canvas with the help of heat resistant glue, now take a hot blower (Your Hair Dryer could also work) and at full speed blow these crayons colors until they melt and come down at the canvas. People will surely ask how you made this amazing canvas painting.

DIY Canvas art projects


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