Modern DIY Patio Furniture Ideas

Patio furniture plays important role in the decoration of outdoor of any house. Today I will be telling you some amazing ideas about Modern DIY Patio Furniture. Outdoor furniture comes in wide variety. I will be focusing on wooden pallet furniture for outdoor, PVC furniture and concrete furniture. Before reading DIY patio furniture ideas I will suggest you make your outdoor beautiful by some amazing landscaping ideas that are provided in my blog. Now coming back to the outdoor furniture you can utilize this modern DIY furniture in terrace of your home also. Buckle up your shoes take all the tools out and let us check out these outdoor furniture ideas one by one.

Easy DIY Wood Pallets Furniture 

Wood pallets are easily available in market as they are widely used but if you are a true DIY lover and you have enough tools you can make wood pallets at home also. Make these beautiful benches and tables with wood pallets. You can paint them in eye catching colors to attract the eyes of the visitors.

DIY Patio furniture

You can make fantastic swing with the help of a wood pallet. Make base and back of the swing with wood pallet. These two are the major part of swing. Now you need supporting arms and a strong chain to hang the swing. Make sure you use nut bolts and not the simple nails to join all the parts of swing.

DIY patio furniture with wood pallets

How about an outdoor sofa set with wood pallets? Sounds great isn’t it? It is easy. Use wood pallets to make base of sofas. You can use colorful cushions to cover up the gaps between wood bars. Make side arms of the sofas by vertically aligning the wood pallets. Color your sofas according to the overall color scheme of your outdoor.

DIY Patio furniture ideas

DIY outdoor furniture ideas

DIY Outdoor Furniture with Wooden Bars

Furniture with wood bars is stylish and elegant in looks. Wood bars should be wider and length should be according to the dimensions of the required furniture. You can make base of the table by making a square shape structure with wood bars. Simply make a pallet with wood bars and join base and top together. Use this beautiful table outside or on your terrace.

Homemade DIY outdoor furniture

You can also make sitting benches with the help of wooden bars as sown in the picture. Make sure wood bars are of the same color and size.

DIY pallet patio furniture

DIY Patio Furniture With Concrete

Concrete block furniture is now a days in trend. If your outdoor is not grassy and wooden furniture does not compliment with overall scheme of your outdoor than it is time to shift to concrete outdoor furniture. Just arrange the concrete blocks in rectangular shape. Make sure you choose a wall for back support. Cover up the bench with cushions and mattress. Beautiful and tough concrete bench is ready.

DIY concrete patio furniture

You can also use cinder bars and concrete blocks together to make a bench or a make shift bed in your outdoors, terrace or patio. Arrange concrete blocks and from the holes of these blocks pass the cinder bars. Color the concrete blocks to make them even more attractive. Use cushions for finishing touches.

DIY cinder bars patio furniture

Modern PVC Outdoor Furniture DIY

DIY PVC furniture is one of my favorite outdoor furniture because of their ease of making and stylish look. PVC pipes are easy to cut and join and they are tough also. After all the work at office or daily chores all you need is a cup of tea and an easy chair at your outdoor, terrace or patio. You can make this easy chair with PVC pipes and save a lot of your hard earn money. Use PVC elbows and connectors to make joints of easy chair. Place adorable DIY patio furniture in outdoors to amaze everybody.

Patio furniture with PVC

PVC tables and chairs are very in trend now a days. All you need is PVC pipes, a PVC pipe cutter, PVC elbows and connectors and joining solution. Take all the measurements according to the desired size.

PVC pipe DIY furniture

DIY PVC pipes outdoor furniture

That is all for today I hope you will like DIY patio furniture ideas. If you have any questions feel free to write to me. See you around.

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