DIY Paper Lanterns for Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Today I am going to share with you some very easy and amazing DIY paper lanterns for outdoor Christmas decorations. There are many ways to decorate a home and outdoor on Christmas and paper lanterns are surely one of beautiful ways of decorating Christmas. Handmade Christmas lanterns have always been attractive. Kids and elders both love to make DIY paper lamps. I am sure your outdoor Christmas decorations will be doubled with beautiful DIY paper lanterns. Let us wait no further and explore some amazing craft decoration ideas for Christmas.

Paper Lanterns From Mason Jar

Take round shaped empty mason jars. Cut stripes of paper in equal size. Paste the upper and lower end of the stripes on the upper and lower part of the jars. Do not paste the entire stripe as it will give a space for light. Take twistable iron wire and round it on the head of the jar to make a hanging string. Place candle inside. Stylish paper lantern is ready.

DIY Paper lanterns

For next DIY paper lanterns project take a sheet of plain paper. Draw shape of petals on it with the help of pencil. Cut out the drawing with a sharp paper cutter. Paste a colorful patterned paper sheet on it. Design sheet is ready. Now you need suitable jars to paste these colorful sheets on the Mason jar to complete paper lanterns with mason jars.


Easy DIY paper lanterns

Paper Cup Lanterns DIY

Take a lot of empty paper cups. Make hole in the base of all the paper cups. Insert LEDs or bulbs in it. Make network of wires by connecting these bulbs with each other. Arrange these cups in order of your choice and join these cups with the help of super glue. DIY handmade paper lanterns for Christmas decoration is ready. You can also make this paper cup lantern in shape of Christmas tree to place it near your main door on Christmas.

DIY paper lanterns for Christmas

Colorful Christmas Paper Lanterns DIY

If you are looking for Christmas hangings for day party or for your home try out these simple and colorful Christmas hangings. Take colorful paper sheets and cut these in length wise. Paste these on long jars or empty tissue rolls. Make hangings with wires. Colorful DIY paper lanterns are ready. Hang these colorful hangings in your lawn during holidays. You can also hang these lanterns on Christmas tree to replace Christmas tree lights. Step by step tutorial  for making these colorful Christmas lamps is shown in the picture.

DIY paper lanterns  tutorial

DIY Paper Lamps Ideas

Till now I have given ideas to paste the paper crafts to make lanterns but our next DIY Christmas lantern is entirely made of paper. Take different color sheets of paper. With the help of cutter cut the sheet in length wise shape. Cut a rectangular piece of sheet and paste on the base and upper part of the lantern. Paste different decorations like beads, buttons and paper flowers on these lanterns. These lanterns will make your home and outdoor colorful and bright this Christmas.

Take a paper sheet and draw flowers on it. Take a sharp cutter and very carefully cut the drawings with the help of cutter. Do not cut too much near the end of flower petals. If you will cut the petals too much flower leaves will bend too much. Now illuminate the lantern with candle or bulb as per your suitability.

Homemade Christmas lanterns DIY

DIY Paper lanterns ideas

Hanging Paper Christmas Lamps And Decorations

If you want to give a wiry look to your DIY Christmas lanterns  than try this easy lantern making idea. Take soft twistable iron wire and make a shape with it either round or square. You can make multiple shapes with it also. Take colorful papers and wrap the structure you made with the help of wires. Use light bulb in the middle of the lantern. Easy DIY lantern for Christmas is ready.

Hanging DIY paper lanterns

Christmas Decorations With DIY Paper  Lanterns

You can also use wax paper to make lanterns as it will give a glowing look to lantern.  Just wrap strips of wax paper around Mason jar and then place candle in the jar to light it up.

Christmas paper lanterns

I hope you will try to make a beautiful DIY paper lanterns this Christmas for outdoor Christmas decoration. If you have any suggestions or queries feel free to comment at the end of the post. See you next time with some other DIY ideas.

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