DIY Outdoor Table Ideas for Garden Improvement

I have not shared anything regarding outdoor or garden in my previous posts. After a long time today I have decided to share some DIY ideas for warming up your garden with new DIY furniture. I am going to share some fun and creative DIY outdoor table ideas to make your front and backyard stylish and well decorated. Select upcoming holidays for starting these garden improvement projects. I am going to share some easy and creative ideas for making handmade outdoor tables. I will tell you some unique ideas for making handmade table out of different things which are not only cheap but I have also added some ideas of making DIY table out of things you which many of us consider useless. So get ready for doing something unique and fun. For more handmade outdoor furniture ideas visit my post on DIY Patio Furniture. 

DIY Mosaic Table Ideas

If you have creative and artistic personality then you will love to make these mosaic tables. Mosaics on table could be made out of different things like marbles, rocks, glass etc. You could also make top of the table at home out of tiles or concrete. Here are some pictures where DIY mosaic tables are made of rocks and glass pieces. You could also try out some different patterns of arranging these rocks or marbles.

DIY mosaic outdoor  table

DIY outdoor table tutorials

DIY Outdoor Tables Out of Recycled Things

The creative and frugal handmade table ideas which I gonna share will make you crazy. Use ordinary things available in your stores for making beautiful tables for your garden. For making outdoor table shown in first picture use your old large planters. Paint giant planters with color of your choice to give them new look. Now arrange them one upon another just like the picture. Use large metal plate or glass slab for making the table top. You can use the space of upper planter for storage as well. In second picture I have also shown another table for making DIY outdoor side table out of recycled material.

DIY side garden table

DIY outdoor table

Old wine barrel could also be used for making outdoor table for your patio. Cut the barrel in two horizontal halves and use the half barrel for making the base of the table. Make top of the table out of wood, glass or anything of your choice. Again you could use the barrel for storage purposes as well.

DIY recycled outdoor table ideas

DIY Garden Tables Out of Pallets

Use pallets for making outdoor table for your patio. Here I have added some photos of outdoor tables made of wood pallets. Paint the pallets after making table for giving brighter look to your handmade table. Use glass slabs as table tops for cuter look.

DIY patio table ideas

Handmade outdoor table ideas

DIY Patio Table Made of Tree Trunks

Use tree trunks for making base of the table and make top of the table according to your choice. Fragments of tree trunks could also be arranged for making patio tables. Here I have added pictures where DIY outdoor table made of tree trunks are shown. Hope you will like them.

DIY outdoor table ideas

DIY garden table ideas

Handmade Outdoor Storage Table

Make storage DIY outdoor table out of clay and wooden top. This is the most easiest and cheap DIY table among all. Make square shaped clay base and place wooden to give it proper table look.

DIY storage outdoor tables

Well these were DIY garden table ideas for refreshing your outdoors. Hope they will make your garden cute without much expense. I will come up again with more DIY ideas for decorating home and garden.




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  1. That is a beautiful table in the first picture. It reminds me of the decoration we made for my grandma when I was little. We got do make a mosaic tabletop out of marbles and different colored rocks. It was really fun and then to end, we put our names in the cement. I wonder if t was the same thing because They look like they are on cement.

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