DIY Outdoor Fireplace for Back Yard

Outdoor patio or garden is the best place to relax and enjoy free time with family. Well decorated front or back yard make your evenings more peaceful. Make your winters memorable by spending some time in your front yard near outdoor fire place. Give new look to your outdoor this winters by making some cute DIY outdoor fireplace. Different types of outdoor fireplaces can be made with different types of things. I will share some modern ideas for making out door fire pits with your own hands. It all depends on your outdoor space and surroundings that which type of fire place suits your yard. Let’s talk about outdoor fire places one by one.

Simple DIY outdoor fireplaces

DIY Outdoor Fireplace with Bricks

You can use clay or concrete bricks for making fireplace for your front or back yard. Just stack bricks one by one on each other in different shapes to make up your fireplace. Try out different angles and patterns for stacking bricks to make your fire place look different. Try out variety of shapes for making fire pits with bricks. Most popular shape for making fire place is round. Triangle or square fire place can also be made. Here are some pictures of DIY outdoor fire pits in different shapes and orientations. Choose your favorite DIY outdoor fireplace with bricks from this collection to warm up your yards.

DIY outdoor fireplace with bricks

DIY outdoor fireplaces

DIY outdoor fireplaces with bricks

DIY outdoor fire pits with bricks


DIY Stone Fireplaces for Backyards

Rocks and stones of different sizes can also be used for making fire pits or fireplaces. Make pits for fire or line it with stones. Fire places can also be made by stacking flat rocks on one upon each other. Fill your fire pit with gravels and place a gas burner in it to make gas fireplace. Wood or coal can also be used for filling fire pits and burning. Here are pictures of different types of stone fireplaces.

DIY Patio fireplaces with stones

DIY Outdoor fireplaces with stones

DIY outdoor fireplaces with stones

DIY firepits ideas

DIY Bowl Fireplace

For making quick and easy fireplaces for small back yards and front yards you can up use metal or clay bowls as well. Fire place bowls are also portable due to their small sizes. If you don’t have any bowl in your store then makeup your own bowl with clay or concrete. Here I am sharing some cute DIY fireplaces made with bowls. You will love to make these small fireplaces as they don’t require much efforts and they are handy as well.

DIY bowl fireplaces

DIY fir pits for back yard

Metal fireplaces DIY

Well these were some DIY outdoor fireplace ideas for making your fall season more exciting and warm. If you want some more DIY ideas for making up your outdoors you can see my posts on DIY patio furniture, DIY garden benches, etc. Keep visiting my blog for more DIY ideas for making your outdoor worth seeing.


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