DIY Mirror Frames Ideas To Do At Home

Mirror frames are one of the beautiful objects used in decoration of house, apartment or office. Interior designers use mirror frame ideas to design beautiful houses. When we talk about personal grooming then it is impossible to rule out the importance of a mirror. Mirrors play very important role in decoration of our houses. Mirrors with different frames not only increase the beauty of our homes but help us in our grooming as well. Mirrors are one the oldest objects used in human history. First mirror was used approx. 6000 BC. Early mirrors in human history included still water, polished stones like obsidian and polished copper. Today in our post we have decided to give some very easy DIY mirror frames ideas. Our object of writing on this topic is to give you an exciting and healthy activity that will enhance the beauty of your home.

Mirror frame using rope

Our first DIY mirror frame is made of thick white rope. Take hard board or chip board whichever easily available to you. Cut the board in round shape according to the size of mirror frame you wish to make. Paint that frame in white color. Now take super glue and attach mirror in middle of the board. Now paste rope with super glue around mirror. If rope is very thick then 3 rounds of rope around mirror would be sufficient to make frame. Use a piece of rope to make hanging as shown in picture below.

DIY mirror frame ideas

Cutlery mirror frame

If you have recently changed your cutlery set or planning to change it then do not throw away your old cutlery set because with our DIY frames idea you can utilize your old cutlery set to décor your home. Take a round plate. Cut two round pieces of card paper according to the inner diameter of the plate. Paste one round piece of card paper on the back and one on the front of plate. Take knives, spoons and forks of your old cutlery set and paint them with color of your choice. After they are dry paste knives, spoons and forks on the card paper pasted on the back of plate. In front paste mirror with super glue on card paper. You amazing and unique mirror frame is ready. You can make your frame more beautiful by attaching beads on plate as well.

Easy DIY mirror frames

Chain mirror frame

Our third DIY mirror frames idea is very simple and stylish. Take a metal framed round mirror. Paint the edges of mirror silver. Now attach silver chain around it to make a different yet stylish mirror frame.

cheap DIY mirror framescheap DIY mirror frames

Old CD DIY mirror frames

For our next frame craft idea you require square cut hard board, glue, black tulip slick and small pieces of used CD.  Apply glue on the edges of square hard board frame and paste pieces of CD. Fill the arrangement with black tulip slick. Your very own designed piece of craft is ready to be used or gifted to your loved one.

 CD Diy mirror frame

Mirror frame made of sea shells

Have you recently been to sea shore? Well next time if you be there do not forget to collect shells of different sizes because in our next craft idea you will see the utilization of shells. Once you have collected shells wash them thoroughly and use super glue to paste shells on the edges of your round or square mirror to make frame.

Diy mirror frames sea shellsDiy mirror frames sea shells

DIY Mirror frames with  beads and stones

Our last mirror frame is made of your used jewelry, stones, buttons and bead’s necklaces. Take a round piece of hard board and paste round mirror in middle with super glue. Now on edges paint color of your choice carefully. Avoid mirror while painting the hard board. Once edges are dry randomly apply large colorful stones, buttons and pieces of used jewelry. Around mirror paste two necklaces. Your dashing and pretty mirror frame is ready.

Diy beads mirror project

That is all for today. We hope our ideas will inspire you and you will definitely try our DIY mirror frames ideas at home. Good luck with your ventures, waiting for your comments and suggestions, see you again soon.

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  4. Great ideas. Very creative! Thank you. I never thought of placing some small tiles I bought on the mirror rim. I was going to glue them to the wall around the mirror.

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