DIY Gift Ideas Tutorial To Make At Home

We all know that giving gifts increases affection and love in relations. That is why we are here to give to some DIY gift ideas so that you can not only make gifts for your loved ones but also enjoy making these gifts by yourself.  There are numerous occasions on which we exchange gifts with each other so why waiting try one of our DIY gift ideas.

DIY Cell Phone Covers Decor

Cell phones are necessity now a day. Every one notices cell phone whenever we take it out for attending or making calls or sending or receiving texts. Our first DIY gift idea is to make beautiful cell phone cover with the help of little thread work  with colorful threads on a cell cover as shown in picture below.

DIY gift ideas

You can also decorate cell phone cover with the help of glitter and glue. Just apply glue on a plane cell phone cover and then when glue is about to get dry apply glitter powder or wet glitter. You can also try making creative textures and patterns in same way. You can also stick some colorful stones on it as well.

DIY phone covers ideas

DIY Gift Ideas To Make Handbags

You can make beautiful and unique hand bag gift for your best friend. Just follow our step by step tutorial. First of select a book of which you want to make hand bag. Select book with thick and hard cover. Now with the help of a cutter take out the book and separate cover. Take simple white paper and place cover of the book on it and draw sides of bag on the paper as shown in picture.

handmade gift ideashandmade gift ideas

After drawing sides of the bag on card paper now wrap it with beautiful cloth with the help of glue. In next step, paste strap of hand bag with help of ribbon and glue. Make a cross bow with ribbon and paste it in the middle of book cover and on the opposite side of the book cover paste a button on the outer side of book cover. See pictures below for further explanation.

Step by step diy gift tutorial

Cut a long rectangular piece of card board according to the size of center of the book cover. Wrap the cloth around this rectangular piece with the help of glue. Cover the inner side of book cover with cloth also. Now it is time to paste the sides of bag with the help of glue. A very beautiful and unique DIY gift is ready.

DIY gift ideas tutorial

DIY gift ideas to make handbag

DIY Candle Ideas For Gift Making

Our next DIY gift idea is very simple but it is cool and cute. Take a fancy piece of paper or rubber pad and cut heart shape of it. Paste this heart shape cutting on candle and easy DIY gift is ready. It will definitely bring smile on the face of your loved one whom you will gift it.

DIY candle gift ideas

DIY Photo frames

Make a beautiful gift by using crayon color pencils. Cut a frame of hard board of your required size. Paint it with desired color. After drying cover it with silicone or any other adhesive. Paste crayon color pencils in random order. Your gift is ready.

Easy diy gift ideas

DIY Coffee Mugs Gifts

After a lot of work at home or office a cup tea or coffee is all what a person wants. At this relax moment of your loved ones you can also be part it. Make beautiful and creative gifts with cup and permanent markers.

Simple diy gift ideas

Creative DIY Recipe Book Gift Ideas

DIY recipe book is another very good gift idea. You can decorate cover of recipe book with the help of different items like spoon as shown in the picture. If you want to further beautify the gift you can decorate the pages of recipe book also it will surely surprise your loved one.

DIY gifts for mothersday

Unique diy gift ideas

We hope you would try one of our DIY gift ideas. We are waiting for comments and suggestions. See you next time till then take care!

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