Easy DIY Gift Boxes For Christmas

We all know the importance of gifts in our relationships. We all exchange gifts during the year with our loved ones on different occasions especially on Christmas. The joy of receiving gift is doubled when gift is different and unique. In our earlier post we have given ideas to make DIY gifts, today in our post we will give ideas about DIY gift boxes. You will see preparing these gift boxes in different shapes will not only excite you but also double the happiness of your loved one. Let us start reading some easy and fun gift boxes ideas.

DIY  Gift Boxes With Empty Tape Roll

For our first round shaped gift box you need empty tape roll, card paper lace, fancy fabric, glue and beads. First of all according to the size of tape roll cut the bottom and lid of gift box in round shape. Now cover these two pieces with fancy fabric. Cover empty roll of tape also. Attach bottom with the help of glue and lid with the help of thick fabric tape. Decorate your round gift box with lace, beads and fancy flowers. Beautiful and unique gift box is ready.

DIY Gift boxes ideas

We have selected two DIY boxes made of empty tape roll. Check the easy step by step picture tutorial for empty tape roll DIY round box.

Round gift boxes Ideas

Square DIY Gift Boxes For Christmas

Hey if you are planning to give some important piece of paper or jewelry to your loved one this Christmas than hang on check this easy DIY gift box it will surely bring a smile on the face of your loved one. First of all take beautiful card paper. In step one cut the card paper in shape as shown in picture 1. Fold one by one each side of the card paper. Do remember to fold the edges in the order shown in the picture. Easy and fun square gift box made of paper is ready.

How to make gift boxes

For our next  gift box to make at home you need empty plastic milk jug. The empty jug should be good and thick material. With the help of  marker draw lines as shown in the picture on the bottle to make sketch of box. Cut the plastic bottle according to sketch with the help of cutter and refine the edges of cutting with the help of scissor. Now draw dots on cutting to mark the folding place. Fold the cutting and attach button on the edge. DIY jewelry gift box is ready. You can spray paint the box to further enhance the beauty.

easy DIY gift boxes

Heart Shaped DIY Gift Boxes Ideas

Heart shaped gift boxes are now a day in trend. Let us make a beautiful heart shaped gift box. First of all take thick card paper. Now cut two heart shapes according to the size of gift box you require. One shape should be small and other one should be little bigger. Now cut two rectangular stripes. With the help of glue gun attach one cutting on smaller heart shape. This is bottom and wall of your heart box. Attach other strip on bigger heart. This is lid of the heart shaped DIY box. Paint your box with the help of spray paint or brush or beautify it with beads, lace and fabric flowers.

Valentines day DIY gift boxes

Pyramid Shaped Christmas Gift Boxes Ideas

Is there anyone who doesn’t know about Egyptian pyramids? Well now you can make a beautiful DIY pyramid gift box for Christmas gifts at your home. For this beautiful gift box first step is the most important step. In this step you need to cut the beautiful card paper in exact sizes as shown in the picture. Use measuring tape to verify the size. Now fold the cutting and decorate it with beautiful lace. You can also use big jewel at the top of pyramid. Unique and beautiful gift box is ready.

DIY Gift boxes

With the help of card paper you can also make beautiful gift boxes as shown in the picture below if you are planning to give gift to your spouse this Christmas. These gift boxes templates are best to make on the occasion of father’s day or Valentine ’s Day as well.

Gift boxes DIY

That is all for today. We hope you will try one of these amazing and fun DIY gift boxes ideas for Christmas. See you next time with some DIY ideas till than take care bye.!



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