Innovative DIY Garden Containers For Spring And Summer

Garden decoration is considered incomplete without planting containers. You can give new look to your garden this spring and summer with our innovative DIY Garden containers ideas. I will tell you today that how you can make colorful and unique planting pots for your garden by using ordinary things available at home and used things as well. These DIY garden projects will add colors to your lawn and you can pass your spare time or holiday in making of these garden containers. So have a look at your garden and choose any garden container according to size and theme of your garden. My first DIY planting container is made of straws. So let’s talk about how you can use straw containers to make containers for your garden.

DIY Straw Planting Container

Crafts made of straws are available in almost every home. You can use different used things made of straws to make unique planting pots for your garden. Just take used hat or basket made of straws to make matchless straw container. You can paint these basket or hat pots as well to give them new look. You can also paste beautiful beads or stones as well on these containers to give them new look.  I have added pictures below to give idea about final look of your planting pots.

DIY garden containers

DIY planting containers


Planting Pots Made Of Used Canes

You can also make colorful planting pots by used canes available at home. Just paint used canes with colorful paints with different patterns as shown in the pictures displayed below. Now take wire and hang these containers on the walls of your back or front yard. You can plant small sized plants in these canes.

DIY flowering pots

DIY Garden  Containers Made Of Helmets And Tires

You can use used bike helmets and used tires to make colorful innovative planting pots. You can fill soil and plant small plants in used helmets to make stylish hanging garden containers. You can paint used tires of cars available at home to make different styles of  DIY garden containers. I have added some pictures below to give ideas about arrangement of tires.

DIY Garden containers ideas

Garden decor with containers

DIY garden planters

DIY Garden Containers With Used Shoes And Drawers

You can decorate your garden with unique DIY planters made of shoes and drawers. Grow plants in colorful used shoe pairs and hang them on walls of your garden or place them on ground.  You can also plant flowers in old draws to make rustic DIY planters for your garden.

Garden planters for spring

DIY garden pots

DIY Garden Containers With Pails And Rain Gutter

Another innovative idea for making unique and easy DIY  garden containers  is to plant flowers in pails. You can buy vibrant colored pails this spring to place them in your garden as flowering garden pots. They will make your garden more colorful and pretty.

Use rain gutter to plant flowers this summer. Just take rain gutter and cut it horizontally with the help of cutter as shown in the picture. Now hang two or three planters them with the help of rope as shown in the picture. This idea of making garden containers is best for large spacy garden because these hanging planters will cover most of the space of your garden. You can paint these rain gutters as well if you want. Color each planter with different bright color and hag them together. Hope you will like them.

DIY palnting pots

Easy diy garden containers

This was all about DIY garden containers ideas for spring and summer 2014. Hope you will find this article helping. See you next time with some easy and unique art works.

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