Inexpensive DIY Floor Lamp Ideas to Make at Home

Floor lamps are quite in trend and used for purpose of lighting and decoration both. Floor lamps available on markets are quite expensive so I have decided to share inexpensive DIY floor lamp ideas to make at home. You could use these handmade floor lamps for decorating and lighting your home without spending much money. For giving cuter and different look you could fix bulbs of different and cool colors in these handmade lamps. First of all I would like to talk about PVC pipe floor lamps.

DIY PVC Pipe Floor Lamps

If you are thinking of making handmade floor lamp then idea of making floor lamp is best. I have shared no of DIY projects with PVC pipes for making PVC furniture, planters etc in my previous posts. But here you could find ideas for making floor lamps with PVC pipes. You could make floor lamp by making base of the floor lamp and fix lamp shade on the top or you can also convert PVC pipe into floor lamp. Use PVC pipe cutter for making different designs and cuttings on the PVC pipe and fix a bulb within pipe. See the pictures I have added below for making floor lamp by using PVC pipe lamps.

PVC DIY floor lamp designs


PVC pipe floor lamps DIY

 Handmade Wooden Floor Lamps

Wood can also be used for making floor lamps by using wood in different ways and styles. Wooden pallets, sticks and even branches could be used for making wooden lamps for placing on floor. Here are some ideas for making wooden floor by using wood. Here you could find different types of wooden DIY floor lamps like floor lamp with long shade, tripod wooden lamp, etc. Long wooden floor lamp made with pallets is also shown where wooden sticks are joined to give it shape of flower. For making rustic floor lamp use wood branch as a base of lamp. Hope you will like these ideas of making wooden floor lamps.

Tripod DIY floor lamp

How to make DIY floor lamp

DIY floor lamp with wood

Another unique idea for making floor lamp is here. Make base of the lamp with flat rocks. Stack flat rocks on each other and join them together with hot glue. This will act as a base. Fix bulb holder on the top of stacked rocks and cover it with lamp shade. Here is the picture for reference.

DIY floor lamp ideas

Cut base of plastic soda bottles and join them with the help of duct tape. You can give new look to old rod floor lamp by these soda bottles and tape. Here is the picture which can guide you to transform old floor lamp into new one.

Recycled DIY floor lamp

If you have spare industrial pipes in your store then join these pipes for making cute and inexpensive DIY floor lamps. Here is the picture.

Handmade DIY floor lamp ideas

Well these were some easy and inexpensive DIY floor lamp ideas which can be used for making DIY lamps for filling space of apartments and for lighting home. I will soon come up with more DIY lamp ideas. Till then Take Care!



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